Learn how to make bigger impact & bigger income by:

  • Turning your job into business
  • Transforming from owner to CEO
  • Leveraging people, systems & technology
Practices Transformed
Increase In # of Vacation Days
Average Revenue Increase

Remarkable Success Stories

See how we’ve transformed practices of CEO’s around the world

Dr. Kelly

I really thought I had a good practice and good procedures. Yet I knew I could do better. [The Remarkable CEO] has transformed how I look at myself, my practice, and my role in the practice. I wanted more time off — and that’s happening — yet our collections increased by 25%!

Dr. Noriega

I like the idea of being able to step back and let the business run itself. If you’re looking to create … a lifestyle for yourself that maximizes not only office but your life at home — and your future, as well — Remarkable CEO is the way to go.”

Dr. Ewing

“In regards to income, obviously [it’s] increased our cash flow quite a bit, as well as giving me more time to be away from the office and scale the office. So now that I don’t have to be there all the time, I’m able to take longer vacations, which is a nice thing. My family likes that. And I’ve been able to be a lot less stressed about what the future looks like.

Dr. Harmon

As I sit here it’s Friday, and I’m working from home writing a book and working on virtual content. I’m no longer in the office on Wednesdays and Fridays. That time is set aside for my CEO life and my creative life

Build a CEO transformation system


Discover what success really looks like to you, what your vision story is, and what the next actions steps are to help you achieve this vision.


Learn how to attract, retain, and leverage a world-class team of highly motivated, high achievers.


Uncover the leadership traits and skills you need to master to transform your job into a business.


Learn how to create a culture of training within your practice and the structure and framework to implement a successful training cadence.


Discover how to leverage systems to take your job and transform it into a business for you and your team.


Learn how to feed and direct your team’s energy and focus into the right  things now with an eye on what’s next.

What You Get Inside

You’ll be in bi-weekly trainings with your peers and the TRP coaching team to develop top notch, CEO level skills.

The CTS Training will help you uncover your full potential as a CEO from developing your vision story, implementing systems, and leveraging your team to building and directing energy and focus.

The COS Training provides a detailed framework on how to run your practice with clarity, conviction, and certainty.

You’ll be training with a small group of peer DCs in the same season of their careers and led by one of our expert CEO coaches.

You’ll have access to the TRP Coaches live during Bi-Weekly office hours to address questions you need answered now.

You’ll receive full access to the CEO Academy training modules, resources, and assets to help you thrive as a CEO.

You’ll have access to the CEO only Private Facebook Group to ask questions, discuss issues, share wins, and network with your peers.

Bonus Package Worth $24K

Access to The Remarkable Practice Academy (an $8,995 value)

The DC and CA Process and Procedure Manuals (7 volumes, an $8,995 value)

Office Manager Connect Training Calls (priceless!)

Access to The Remarkable Associate Program ($6,000 value!)