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Attract new patients consistently
Convert them predictably
Retain patients for the long-term
Build and train your A-team
Increase in NP Leads
Increase in Conv. Percentage
Increase in PVA
Increase in Monthly Collections

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Practices We’ve Transformed

Dr. Lee

Our team has not just met goals but crushed every single record…. we’ve more than doubled our new patients and workshop attendance. We finished the year with a record number in collections!!

6 Year Member

Dr. Horner

Over the past 11 years in practice, I’ve taken a total of 8 weeks off for the holidays. After joining TRP though, I discovered that I could still work hard, still have impact, yet create a durable business allowing me to spend time with the ones most precious to me.

4 Year Member

Dr. Hauck

Frist time in my career north of $70k/mo consistently…and it’s the second time this year with record breaking collections. I couldn’t have done it without my coaches!!

8 Year Member