Adrian Couzner

DC & Remarkable Practice Coach

Dr Adrian’s passion for chiropractic began over 25 years ago when presented with headaches as a child. Dr Adrian’s parents had the foresight to take him along to their Chiropractor and Following immediate success, this planted the seed and set Dr Adrian on his journey to become a Chiropractor. This journey has seen him both as an Associate and then over the last 22 years as a business owner of 2 highly successful Chiropractic and Allied health practices in Sydney Australia, and onward to become a coach and mentor for The Remarkable Practice.

Dr Adrian is immensely passionate about helping Chiropractors through the build and scale stages of practice, helping them to grow and develop teams, making the office less reliant on the principal DC and scaling their practices into durable and transferrable businesses. Dr Adrian and his wife Simone have 4 children. He takes great pride in juggling the responsibilities of both a business owner, a father and a husband with great success.

Adrian Couzner

How to know if I am the right coach for you:

I want to make sure you the right coaching partner in your journey to create your remarkable practice. Here are a few common characteristics of DCs that I love to work with.

You want to own a business instead of a job

You need to create a transferable business, meaning that you turn your practice into a true business asset that operates and grows…even in your absence.

You're ready to transform into the CEO of your business.

You’re ready to learn how to attract, retain, and leverage a world-class team of highly motivated, high achievers, all while developing your CEO level skills.

You need balance...

You need to leverage the right systems so your practice can thrive (even in your absence)…think more reasonable hours, time-freedom, vacations…(you know, living a remarkable life.)

How We Can Work Together

The right coach will make it easier for you to overcome the obstacles you’re facing now….and help you achieve your goals faster.

It all starts with booking a strategy session.

During this initial session, we’ll spend our time together exploring the specific needs you and your team have to kickstart your growth trajectory. We’ll formulate a pathway and a plan to help get you there.

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