You are in the “Scale Season” Of Your Career



  • Congratulations – You’ve turned your job into a business! Now it’s time to optimize that business.
  • The practice has become more complex – now it has to become more profitable. 
  • In order to do that, you’ve got to make an identity shift…you’ve got to stop thinking and acting like an owner-operator and become The CEO. 
  • You have to ascend from laborer to leader. This means delegating more effectively and getting more time-freedom. 
  • You need a playbook that creates visibility and accountability (not to mention one that helps you let go of micro-managing everyone and every thing).
  • It’s time to level up your Associate’s productivity and profitability. There’s no reason to try and figure this out on your own….there’s a formula.
  • You need a coach who has done this successfully – and who will walk with you  every step of the way. There are a lot of coaches out there making promises around getting you “busier”…you’re past that.
  • You want to be more profitable.  Let us help you create your 7-figure revenue. 

You’re not alone, we have helped many DCs Scale their 7-Figure Practices

  • Learn the processes and systems to create sustainable, durable profitablity
  • Transform your mindset from “owner-operator” to The CEO of your Business.
  • Leverage your Associates to increase their productivity (and profitablity) while freeing up your time to be the CEO.
  • Regain work – life balance and create systems for durability within your practice.
  • Increase your productivity without making yourself “busier”.

Listen to Our Clients!

Some of our success stories

See how we’ve helped practices build and grow exponentially

Dr. Brett

Prior to joining TRP, I felt that I was on a slippery slope…putting in a ton of energy my practice yet going backwards. Burn out, frustration both on the horizon. TRP reignited my fire and my passion for Chiropractic.

Dr. Blake

Before TRP, problems like capacity and need for scalability seemed like unachievable pipe dreams. Now I know they are the inevitable next step.

Dr. Grant

This past quarter, comparing to when I started training with TRP, my new patient numbers are up 19.33% and collections are up 22.95%. Net mo has gone from a 3 to a 9.