You are in the “Exit Season” Of Your Career



  • You are most likely planning to sell within the next 3 years. For some of you, it may be a shorter time frame (maybe even right now).
  • For most of you, you’ll need guidance on the process – insight around the valuation, marketing for sale, and finding a buyer.
  • You’re worried about who will be your successor and what will happen to your patients, your team, and your legacy.
  • Usually, DCs have never sold a business before, so they don’t understand how to get their practice, their team, and their patients (not to mention themselves) ready for the sale.
  • Mistakes in this season get really expensive, really fast. You want to make a graceful and profitable exit.
  • You do not want to face a last minute fire-sale…or worse – see your practice retire with you.
  • If you want to reduce your risk and get the highest sale price, you’ll need an expert to guide you. Working with the right coach will help you create a 7- Figure Exit. 

You’re not alone, we have helped many DCs create their 7-Figure Exit

  • Learn how to market and prepare your practice for sale
  • Learn how to prep your patients, staff, and successor for a smoother transition
  • Gain peace of mind and learn how to source and utilize a successor.
  • Navigate through valuation and negotiations with greater clarity and peace of mind

Listen to Our Clients!

Some of our success stories

See how we’ve helped DCs Exit practice gracefully and profitably

Dr. Brett

Prior to joining TRP, I felt that I was on a slippery slope…putting in a ton of energy my practice yet going backwards. Burn out, frustration both on the horizon. TRP reignited my fire and my passion for Chiropractic. This past quarter, comparing to when I started training with TRP, my new patient numbers are up 19.33% and collections are up 22.95%. Net mo has gone from a 3 to a 9.

Dr. Blake

Before TRP, problems like capacity and need for scalability seemed like unachievable pipe dreams. Now I know they are the inevitable next step.

Dr. Marie

The direction and systems are easy to follow…so glad I found TRP as I was launching my first practice. It saved me many expensive mistakes and I’ve grown more than I ever thought possible in just a year.