Create the practice that supports your Remarkable Life…Not competes with it.

There are 4 Seasons to the Chiropractic career:
Launch, Build, Scale and Exit

We help DC’s optimize the season that they are in so that they can experience more certainty, impact & abundance – and then help them navigate into their next season so that they can enjoy greater freedom, clarity & peace of mind.

Do these struggles sound familiar?

“I need more new patients every month…”

Are you stuck in the “no money, no marketing, no new patients” cycle? Let’s help you find an additional 10-15 + new patients per month.

“I feel overwhelmed and completely out of balance…”

When you focus on living in alignment with your core values, you can have a Remarkable Practice as part of your Remarkable Life, not instead of one.

Too many of my patients drop out of care…

Are you stuck in the “re-platients” gap? Are you constantly trying to attract new patients to replace the ones you’ve lost? Let’s fix your retention and stop the vicious cycle.

I don’t know how to market my practice…

You went to school to be a doc…to heal and to serve…not to be a marketer. Let’s arm you & your team with the tools and training to crank up your new patient leads.

We help Chiropractors optimize the season that they are in- and navigate into their next season gracefully and profitably.

Whether you’re just starting out in Launch, trying to navigate Build, focusing on Scale, or prepping to Exit, we will work hand-in-hand with you and your team to optimize the season that you’re in… all with an eye on the future.

Listen to Our Clients!

Don’t take our word for it!

Dr. Heather

“Our collections increased by $305,000 – which was 60% growth! We ended our year with $830,000 in collections! We were able to help so many more people in our new office than even before! Our goal is to provide enough value for our community that we hit the Million Dollar mark!”

Dr. Jason

“This year, we decided to follow the TRP system to the letter and things have never been better. We were serving 175 in January and just last week we saw 402. Big lesson- follow the system, follow the coaching advice and be laser focused.”

Dr. Juan

“The TRP leadership led me from a dark place to making me transform myself and become the leader I needed to be for my organization. We are heading in the right path to thrive in big ways, and I couldn’t have done this without TRP’s leadership.”

Dr. Greg

I have dedicated myself to a schedule of working 2.5 days a week, having 4 day weekends, working ON my business… Moving forward with passion and humility has given me my remarkable practice as part of a remarkable life back.