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How We Help Chiros Build a Remarkable Practice... a Part of a Remarkable Life!


Hi, I’m Dr. Stephen Franson, founder of The Remarkable Practice.

And I’m any of these frustrations sound familiar?

  • “I need more new patients every month...”
  • “Too many new patients disappear after the first couple of appointments...”
  • “I get great results for patients, but then they drop out of care entirely...”
  • “I have a team, but everything comes to a grinding halt if I’m not in the office...”
  • “I need some kind to system to help me scale my practice…”

If you’ve thought any of the above, you’re in the right place, Doc!

That’s exactly why I founded The Remarkable help DCs like you solve these problems, grow your practice, and life the life you’ve always dreamt of--and deserve!

And I wanted to help you do those things WITHOUT the decades of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars that it took me to crack the code.

Inside The Remarkable Practice Academy, you’ll get the exact systems I’ve used to go from 300 patient visits per week to more than 1,000. These have been developed, tested, and proven--not only in my own practice, but in that of hundreds of my coaching clients.

Here's What My Clients Have Said


"It’s going to save you time, increase your certainty, and help your team get to the next level. Everyone will be on same path to create an awesome wellness practice.”

—Kelly Graham, DC


“The process The Remarkable Practice provides, the procedures…it’s just really amazing how it takes you from point A to literally point Z. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

—Sebastian Fuksa, DC

“It’s [an] your future, and it’s worth it."

—Victor Sanudo, DC


So how does The Remarkable Practice Academy work?


When you join The Academy, you’ll get access to video trainings on systems for attracting new patients, converting them, and retaining them for the long-term.

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You’ll also get time with me every month on the Facebook Live Q&A Sessions. Bring your questions, and I will personally help you blast through any sticking points that come up.

And there are some powerful bonus trainings inside The Academy to help you take your practice to the next level. Very few DCs know about these strategies--and they’re guaranteed to grow your practice and position you as an authority in your community.

PLUS, The Remarkable Practice Academy includes a CA Academy - where  we will even train your CAs for you, through their own set of video training modules. That means you’ll never have to spend hours, days, and weeks training another new CA.

Our tested and proven training program will do it for you. And it’ll give your team the tools, training, and resources to handle the million little details that are stealing your time.

Your team also will have access to my team in Q&A calls and through our private FB forum for CAs.  

So if you’ve been putting off a vacation because your practice can’t run without you, you’ll be booking that trip to Cabo. ;-)

Is this right for you?


Only if you want to:

  • Grow your practice (and your profits) every month...
  • Stop wasting your time and money on marketing that doesn't work...
  • Create a predictable flow of ideal new patients...
  • Sell patients on care by connecting with them, not by creating pressure or fear...
  • Learn how introverts can convert more new patients...
  • Prevent buyer’s remorse, so new patients won’t drop out...
  • Keep more of your ideal patients in maintenance care...
  • Save 160 hours of training time each time you hire a new CA...
  • Develop a team that grows your practice (and allows you to take a vacation)...

If you found yourself nodding YES to any of the above, or if you’re curious and want to learn more, go here.

You could easily start growing your practice in just a couple of weeks...and just imagine where you could be in a year!

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Our Credo

The Remarkable Practice is a home for Principled Chiropractors who refuse to accept the status quo. We know that the world desperately needs our help – and we understand that the time is now and the chance is ours. We also know that this opportunity comes with responsibility – and we embrace this fact.

We have the answer to the world’s health problems in our hands. We have a sacred duty to carry that answer to our town, our region and to the world.

The Remarkable Practice provides the systems, tools, training and techniques that empower DC’s worldwide to build successful practices and forever improve the health and lives of our patients.

Together we will convert 1 MILLION new patients to Chiropractic Care – and we will do it by empowering YOU – a Remarkable Chiropractor – to LIVE a Remarkable LIFE while building your Remarkable Practice.

I’m here to help, because frankly Doc, we’re in the business of saving lives… so when business is good, EVERYBODY wins.

Let’s Be Remarkable!

Stephen Franson, DC - Founder, The Remarkable Practice

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Is Your Practice Growing Every Month?

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