If you get your Associate Doctor relationship right, it can be a 7-figure win!

(But if you get it wrong, it can be a 6-figure mistake.)

If you get it right, it’s a Win – Win – Win…

Get it wrong and it’s a Lose – Lose – Lose.

Let’s help you get it right.

Unfortunately, 67% of Associate DC relationships fail

This is a very complex relationship, there are many elements that you HAVE to get right – and any one of them will trip you up and sabotage the relationship if you get it wrong.

The most common way to screw this up through the contract (job description: expectations and agreements) and the compensation plan (the WAY that you pay the Associate DC). If you get either of these wrong, the relationship is doomed from the start.

You have to get every step right:

What You Want

You have to know exactly WHAT you are trying to accomplish

Who You Want

You have to know exactly WHO you want to find and hire

Find the Right Doctor

You must know how to market, interview and vet candidates to find the right doctor

Job Descriptions

You must have the right job description


You must have the right on-boarding process

The Right Contract

…the right contract that sets up a successful long-term relationship

The Right Compensation Plan

…the right compensation plan that gets them aligned and energized

Train and Equip

You must know how to train and equip them to be highly productive

Develop and Optimize

You must know how to develop and optimize them to be profitable

A Proven System

You do not have to recreate the wheel.   The 7 Figure Associate Model is a proven system used by hundreds of practice owners around the world.  DC’s using our program are adding million to their collections and 100’s of thousands of dollars to their profits…all while creating more time freedom and peace of mind for themselves.

Would you like to have some help caring for patients?

(Our docs love that their practice can see more patients, but it’s not all up to them!)

Would you like to get a handle on your schedule?

(Maybe reduce your schedule by a shift or two?  Take Fridays off?)

Do you want to get home earlier at night?

(Make it home for dinner time, bath time, bedtime when your Associate can finish the shift.)

Get your evenings and your weekends back?

(Spend more time building the business as the CEO?  Do more marketing?  Train and optimize your team?)

What is the highest and best use of your time?

(Get back to the gym?  Golf?  Surf?)

Would you like to be able to spend more time with your family?

(Go on more vacations (without having to shut the place down – now THAT’S expensive!)

You can when you have an Associate that is trained-up and aligned.

We will show you exactly how to do it.   This step-by-step system comes with a Remarkable Expert Guide  who will hold your hand through the entire program.  Someone who has successfully navigated the complete arc of the Associate Doctor Relationship, AND coached others how to do it themselves.  We have done it ourselves and now have coached hundreds of DC’s to success with their own Associates.

This comprehensive system will help you:

  • Get clarity around exactly WHO you are looking to hire to reach your goals
  • Show you how to find, interview and vet candidates to find the right Associate DC
  • Learn how to Hire and On-Board your new Associate
  • Discover how to set clear Expectations and Agreements for a strong start and lasting success
  • Create the right Associate Contract (with our Remarkable Associate Contract workbook included)
  • Set up the right Compensation Plan that aligns and energizes your Associate
  • Consult with our Remarkable Associate Contract Expert
  • Train and Equip your Associate for greater productivity
  • Develop and Align your Associate for greater profitability
  • Retain A-Player Associates with Win-Win Golden Handcuffs
  • Or plan a mutually beneficial successful Remarkable Exit Strategy

You must create SCALABILITY.

(Make a bigger impact and a bigger income by leveraging an Associate DC)

You must create DURABILITY.

(Revenues generated in your absence.)


(Transferable asset value so that someone would want to buy your business)

The 7 Figure Associate Model will help you create your own Remarkable Associate.

Having a Remarkable Associate is how to
turn your job into a business.

Imagine if you were to add an Associate DC who was able to see another 150 or 200 visits – or more?

What would that mean to your bottom line?

The 7 Figure Associate Model will show you how to achieve this PROFITABLY.

In fact, most of our Owner Docs add more than one Associate DC once they see how profitable it can be!

Are you ready to make a bigger impact and a bigger income?

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Are you ready to have your own Remarkable Associate Doctor?