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What Do You Want to Accomplish?

If you are like most of the Docs that we’ve helped create successful Associate Relationships, you are looking to accomplish one or more of the following:

Adding the RIGHT Associate DC and putting them into the RIGHT role is certainly mission critical to scaling your practice. When you get this right, your Associate will help you see more people, increase your services, your impact and your revenue.

If you are facing capacity issues already, this is costing you a lot of money! If you stay stuck at your current level due to limitations of time ( or energy), your business will be flat and eventually contract. You can feel like you are spinning your wheels… you’re making lots of motion, but not gaining any movement forward. This is the most common cause of burn out.

Adding the RIGHT Associate the RIGHT way will fix that.

Durability means that you can give more, love more and serve more – even in your ABSENCE.

We all know the difference between having to see patients and getting to see patients. When you add the RIGHT Associate Doctor and establish the RIGHT relationship and dynamic, you can have a practice that continues to serve patients even when you are not there. Get control of your schedule. Be home for dinner. Weekends. Go on vacation. Get back to the gym, golf, surfing – whatever.

Or maybe you want to be freed-up from always “working in the business” so that you can “work on the business”. Are you looking to free up some bandwidth so that you can take-on the CEO Role leading and running your business? Maybe use that time to market more and build the business? Train and develop your Team? What would be the highest and best use of your newly found “free time” if you were not the only one bending over patients all day?

Time freedom will be your favorite benefit of doing the Associate Arrangement right.

Let’s face it, most DC’s love their work – but own a job, not a business. If you are the only DC in your office delivering care, then you are exposed. God-forbid anything ever happens to you; the place would grind to a halt. I don’t think that I have to share any tragic stories here of spouses calling me in a panic when something happens to their husband or wife Owner-Operator-DC who can’t adjust anymore. I am sure that you know a few of your own.

Look, the reality is that you cannot and should not leave yourself, your practice, your business, your patients and your family that exposed. Whether it’s a sprained wrist from a snowboarding wipe-out, a torn ACL from dumping your motorcycle, a fractured collar-bone from mountain bike crash – or worse…heart attacks, strokes, cancer…you name it, we’ve seen it. None of it is pretty, they’re all VERY expensive and usually end badly.

When you have the RIGHT Associate in the RIGHT ARRANGEMENT, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your practice can operate without you. This P.O.M. is energizing and tends to fuel practice excitement and growth.

(Freedom and Peace of Mind are among my top Core Values – and my Associates were instrumental in my achieving and enjoying both throughout my career.)

If you are at a point in your career where you are even thinking about exiting your practice – you must start your EXIT PLANNING immediately. This process takes much longer that you are expecting – and one of the most difficult steps is finding the RIGHT SUCCESSOR.

Exit Strategies come in many shapes and sizes…Associate Buy-Out, Equity Buy-In, Outside Buyer, Corporate Acquisition…regardless, the value of your business will increase exponentially if you have the RIGHT DC in place to take-over patient care. The complexities of these transitions are beyond the scope of this discussion but suffice to say, having the RIGHT DC in place when the time to EXIT comes will save you incredible amounts of time, stress, pain and money.

You may be looking for the right chiropractor to buy your practice and become your successor – or you may want to bring in a Care-Giver Associate and drive-up the value and marketability of your practice. As you start thinking about the next chapter of your life, establishing a successful Associate DC Relationship may be your best path to a graceful and profitable exit.

Regardless of what direction you are considering for your EXIT, we will help you get the CLARITY that you need to take the path that is right for you.

Clarity is King.

Most “Owners” (those doing the hiring) never stop and consider EXACTLY what they are trying to accomplish by hiring an Associate.  And in my experience, those that think that they know usually are confused at best – delirious at worst.

If you don’t know EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish – and what you expect the Associate to do to help you get that…bringing on an Associate is going to be a painful, expensive and frustrating experience.

Your dream of hiring an effective and productive Associate is going to quickly turn into a nightmare.

Clarity is the greatest accelerant…

If you don’t know exactly WHY you’re looking to hire,

And WHAT you want them to do

You cannot know WHO you are looking to hire,

And you’ll end up with a mismatch.

If you don’t know who you’re looking for,

how are you even going to find them?

Then it gets worse…

You won’t know how to set up Expectations and Agreements…

Job Descriptions, Contracts, Compensation Plans, Incentive Programs, etc…

This is where things get expensive.

This level of clarity is critical to have BEFORE you even start your search.

There is a reason that 67% of Associate Doctor Relationships FAIL.

That is a horrible stat.

When these go bad – it’s a Lose-Lose- Lose. It’s a loss for the Owner. It’s a loss for the Associate DC…for the Team…for the patients…and for Chiropractic.

When you get the RIGHT DC, in the RIGHT ROLE, doing the RIGHT WORK, the RIGHT WAY it’s a Win -Win- Win.

Let’s get this right.

You have to know how to do 5 things right:

#1: Find and Interview the Right DC

Short excerpt

#2: Hire and On-Board the Right DC

Short excerpt

#3: Train and Equip the Right DC

Short excerpt

#4: Develop and Optimize the Right DC

Short excerpt

#5: Retain the Right DC…or Plan the Right Exit

Short excerpt

Did You Know?

According to Top Grading, hiring the wrong ADC will cost you 3x their salary…..(ouch!)

But losing the RIGHT ONE will cost you 5x their salary.

Now, before you throw the towel in on hiring an ADC altogether, there’s an easier way to do all of this.

One that avoids falling into the “warm body’ trap and other costly hiring mistakes….a system that makes finding, hiring, onboarding, training, and optimizing simple and easy.

You don’t have to figure it out “the hard way”.

In fact, you shouldn’t.

If this is the first time we are meeting, I’m glad you found us. I’m Dr. Stephen Franson, from The Remarkable Practice. My team and I have helped thousands of DCs navigate through all 4 seasons of the chiropractic career: launch, build, scale, and exit their practices, gracefully and profitably. And I’ve been in your exact situation when I was faced with bringing on an associate. In fact, I did it 39 times myself in my own practice in Boston, Ma. I learned so much from my wins, but learned so much more from some spectacular losses. Once I figured it out, I was able to reproduce the success – and have since taught countless DCs around the globe how to do it themselves.

Truth is, at first, I didn’t know how to find a good associate. I really did not even know what I was looking for…no one ever taught me.

And even when I was able to find one, I didn’t know how to interview effectively –
Never mind create an agreement, contract, or compensation plan. Forget about how to on-board and train them, how to optimize their productivity…build a meaningful relationship…or how to retain them long-term.

And then there is the Exit Strategy…

I was making it up as I went.

I went through an insane amount of struggles and growing pains before mastering the art of finding, hiring, and optimizing a truly remarkable associate.

And I want to pass that same knowledge, capability, clarity and confidence to you without the time, pain, and struggles of “doing it on your own.”

I believe that the successful Associate Doctor Relationship is the ultimate Win-Win-Win.

That’s why I created The Remarkable Associate Program.

The Remarkable Associate Program shows DC Owners like you how to successfully:

  • Find & Interview Associates
  • Hire & On-Board Associates
  • Train, Equip, and Optimize Associates
  • Develop & Retain their Associates
  • Plan & Exit Gracefully and Profitable

….And other critical skills.

What’s Included?

You’ve come this far…why not take the next steps towards finding/hiring the right associate and optimizing their full potential?

You want to grow, scale, and eventually exit your practice successfully (and profitably), otherwise you wouldn’t have found us….now let us help you get there.

You’ll be coaching with  our expert team of Remarkable DC coaches who have been in your shoes before.  They’ll be with you step-by-step over the next 6 months to help you gain that clarity, focus, and confidence as you master these skills. And you’ll be in a small group of your peers within your mastermind training. You’ll be able to lock arms with other like-minded DCs in your exact situation to harness the power and value of mastermind group training.

You get 16 Modules of training covering the entire 12-step ADC program. We’ve carefully curated these video training modules where I will walk you through all of the steps to forge a successful ADC relationship. And after the program is over, you and your associate will still have lifetime access… so you’ll be able to revisit or reinforce topics and material anytime.

You’ll get the Chiro Match Makers Contract Workbook to easily create contracts so you can hire more confidently (normally $1500).  We also have you covered for when you need to work through compensation. The CMM Compensation Worksheet will help you implement the comp plan that works best for you, your practice, and your ADC. We want you to succeed and we’re equipping you with all the tools and resources you’ll need.

We’ve also included access to The Vital Signs Program. This practice statistics tracking program that will help you capture and learn from the Meaningful Metrics in your practice. You’ll be able to leverage The Vital Signs Program to  Identify strengths and weaknesses so that you can direct your training energy and your resources towards the specific places in your practice that will yield the best return…and you’ll know exactly  where to utilize your ADC best while being able to quantitively measure their impact.

As a bonus, you also get 6 months of full access to The Remarkable Practice DC &  CA Academy, our self-paced learning hub.  This one-stop training resource has everything you and your staff need to hone your practice and team’s performance, whether you want to focus on fundamental skill sets or need advanced training materials.

You and your staff will gain access into our Private Remarkable DC Forums and The CA Academy Forums. These role-specific, value-dense groups are filled with highly motivated DCs and CAs who are constantly asking questions, troubleshooting, and sharing best practices. We value our tribe and the community we have created, so our expert coaches moderate, answer questions, and share new tactics and training within the forums daily.

The Next Steps

The bottom line is that we’re going to cover a lot of ground over the next 6 months, and you’re going to come out the other end equipped to find, screen, hire, develop and retain a fully functional, engaged, highly-focused practice growing associate.

If you’re ready to accelerate your practice’s growth and to hire, train, and nurture your associates, then you’re ready to take charge and register today.

Your investment in the REM Associate Doctor Training Program is $1200/mo.

Remember, if you want to those rewards of  time-freedom, peace of mind, durability, and  you want to truly scale your practice in a meaningful way, then you have to take action.

Think about how your practice (and your life) will be different if you commit to finding, hiring, and optimizing an ADC the right way the first time around.

No more heartache or agonizing over how your practice would run without you or wondering how you can grow when you’re already fighting for more hours in the day

You just have to make sure your ADC is filling the right role at the right time.

You’ve come this far…. you found us and this page. The next step is easy. Fill out the quick form below to get started!