You are in the “Build Season” Of Your Career



  • If that sounds like you, you want to produce more but it can’t all be up to you.
  • You need a world-class team. You want to attract and keep “A-Players” that can produce!
  • You want more productive and consistent marketing that produces more ideal new patient leads.
  • You want to optimize conversion and retention systems to grow your revenues. And you need  more scalable systems so that you can start using leverage instead of brute force.
  • You may even be considering bringing on an associate soon to help alleviate the pressure of being the only care provider in your business.
  • The ugly truth is: Growth can not just demand more of your time and effort.
  • Let’s help you gain that balance and leverage so you can build your 7-figure practice without the pain of “doing it all yourself”.

You’re not alone, we have helped many DCs Build their 7-Figure Practices

  • Learn the processes and systems to create sustainable (and scalable) growth
  • Build your world-class team of “A-players” who support your mission and build your practice with you.
  • Regain work – life balance and create systems for durability within your practice.
  • Increase your productivity without making yourself “busier”.

Listen to Our Clients!

Some of our success stories

See how we’ve helped practices build and grow exponentially

Dr. Brett

Prior to joining TRP, I felt that I was on a slippery slope…putting in a ton of energy my practice yet going backwards. Burn out, frustration both on the horizon. TRP reignited my fire and my passion for Chiropractic.

Dr. Blake

Before TRP, problems like capacity and need for scalability seemed like unachievable pipe dreams. Now I know they are the inevitable next step.

Dr. Gregg

We’ve hit 400 patient visits this week!!! When you go deep with the TRP System, it focuses on mission and really simplifies the business, making growth easy.