The Remarkable Kids Program is the perfect complement to The Remarkable Practice Patient Conversion and Retention System.   If you see children in your practice, The Remarkable Kids Program will help you deliver a more relevant Day 1 Consultation and Examination for the pediatric patient – and a more fitting Day 2 Report of Findings and Recommendations for Care for parents of the pediatric patient.  You will feel more equipped and confident to explain your findings and deliver recommendations for children.

Grow Your Practice with The Remarkable Kids Program:

  • Gain more CERTAINTY around caring for kids
  • Have greater CONFIDENCE with pediatric examination and assessment
  • Enjoy more CONVICTION around your Pediatric ROF and Recommendations
  • Improve your Pediatric ADJUSTING SKILLS and clinical management
  • Build your knowledge and CLARITY around pediatric patient / parent education
  • SERVE more infants and children in your practice
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