Stephen Franson, DC

I love Chiropractic. And I love Chiropractors.

I love the Principle, our history, our Art, Science and Philosophy. I love practice – love working with people – the patients, the Team, the community. I love the education, the marketing – and especially the adjusting. I love the business. Love the systems, the processes, the procedures. I love watching the lights come on – and the power flow. I love the healing. I love to practice. I absolutely love it.

But my favorite thing of all – is teaching other DCs how to do it.

I have served my community through our practice for over 17 years. We have created a magnificent place where families can find a better way to better health. We have created a learning environment for both patients and doctors – and a healing center for our town.

We built a practice to over a thousand visits a week – driven by Purpose and referral and sustained by Vision and retention. We’ve created, mastered and taught reproducible systems that are now being recreated around the globe.

I became a Chiropractic Coach because I want to make some real impact in the world. What better way to do this than by helping thousands of
chiropractors creates their own remarkable practices?

It was time for the next chapter. I had cracked the code and created a system that can be reproduced by chiros anywhere. I know that this is my true calling and love every minute of it. Seeing patients get their health back is one of the greatest feelings in the world…it’s matched only by watching other practices thrive once you have shown them “The Way.”

I’ve seen the incredible impact that the strategies and tactics that I’ve put together can have on so many practices – of all sizes – all around the world..… taking brand-new practices to 500+ patients a week in MONTHS not years… practices blasting through a 15-year 100-patient-a-week plateau to reach 300… even helping a Rock Star Chiro “stuck” at 750 a week for ten years taking off and hitting a career goal of 1000+ a week..and even reproducing this system across a successful 25+ clinic enterprise that covers an entire CONTINENT on the other side of the planet – in 3 different languages!…

All while restoring freedom and balance to the LIVES of the chiropractors who are my clients.

One on One Coaching is a passion of mine for sure – but even that has its limits (once your schedule is full…what next?) Remember my motto:

“You can create a Remarkable Practice as Part of a Remarkable Life – not instead of one!”

I was hooked… but, how can I continue to work with more and more DC’s without the limitations of time forcing me to forfeit the life that I had built?
(…I am certainly also committed to my church, my beautiful wife and kids, surfing, my workouts…you know, life!)

That’s when the inspiration to create The Remarkable Practice Academy hit me.

As a coach, I now have the opportunity to help chiros succeed in two different ways: One on One Coaching – and announcing, the new Remarkable Practice Academy.

The TRP Academy will now give you access to all of my coaching content in an easy to use, state of the art, video-driven training program that makes coaching with me incredibly cost-effective. Watch only (and exactly) what you want, when you want, where you want – or subscribe and get all access – it’s always up to you.

I am so glad that we are connected. Please check out the site – especially the Academy – and let me know what you think.

By the way, I am taking requests. If there is a particular topic that you would like me to do a Training Module on…just ask. We are building this
incredible resource for you.

Our success is defined by one thing: Your success.

Remember, we’re in the business of saving lives… so when business is good everybody wins.

Are YOU ready to be Remarkable?

Stephen Franson, DC