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What other DCs say about this product

With Dr. Franson's coaching my patients just don't believe in Chiropractic, they truly understand chiropractic. Collections are up, weekly volume is up , retention is up my marketing is streamlined, my stats reflect my practice and I love what I do again.

- Be Well,
Chris Hauck, DC
Chiropractic Solutions

Over the last six months that I have been a client of Dr Franson's I have gained greater clarity about my professional and personal life. I now have a clear road map to take my practice and all other areas of my life to a whole new level.

- Victor Sanudo, DC
(Veracruz, Mexico)

My practice is now filled with people who know why they want to be there and why everyone they know should be there too! As chiropractors, our schools empower us with skills to be a great doctor; much like a builder given basic building materials. Training with Dr Franson is like having a master architect help you form a blue print to utilize those building materials in building the masterpiece that is you and your dream practice.

- Dr William Tee,
B.App.Sci (CompMedChiro)
M.Clin.Chiro RMIT