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Event Highlights


Work With Remarkable Chiropractors

An virtual Training Event that brings Remarkable Chiropractors and Remarkable Teams together to skill and drill down on the Key Processes and Procedures of Creating Remarkable Patient Retention.

Learn How to Create Extraordinary Patient Retention

Compelling “Listening and Learning Sessions” led by Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic on the conceptual as well as practical elements that create extraordinary Patient Retention.

Drive Better Results with Better Patient Retention

Put your training to use and earn better clinical outcomes for your patients, more fulfillment for you and your team, and see growth and prosperity for your practice.

6 Months Worth of Training in 2 Days

Discover the 7 pit-falls that kill patient retention and learn how to collect ideal patients.

Online Access to Content

Access to tools, resources, and assets to help support your implementation of training post-event.

Master the Tactical Elements of Retention

Engaging and challenging “Break Outs” and “Pit Classes” for DCs and CAs to train and master the tactical elements of patient communications, process and procedures.

Our Coaches

Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic

DC Coach

Dr. Malcolm Rudd

DC Coach

Kate Rudd

CA Coach

Dr. Adrian Couzner

DC Coach

Event Details


October 29-30, 2021


3 – 7 PM Event

10 AM – 5:30 PM Event




$700 (~$1200 AUS)

Includes Doctor & 2 Team Members

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Receive a Certificate

You and Your Team Receive The Remarkable Retention Immersion Certification

Each team in attendance will receive a Remarkable Retention Immersion Certification acknowledging your work and commitment as a Practice to creating value and growing your skills in retaining patients in Lifetime Chiropractic Care.

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