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Question: What is the #1 Most Common (and obvious)
trait of the Most Successful Practices in the World?



I’ve seen it over and over…

Docs with a well-trained and energetic team behind them run circles around the practices with the “perfect” location, the latest slick new marketing secrets, or the docs with the big magnetic personality.

When you have an A+ team in your practice, it frees up your time and attention so can give your patients your undivided focus… and even slip away from your practice for a few weeks to have fun with your family.

But here’s the problem…

They Don’t Teach This Stuff In School!

I don’t know about you, but they didn’t exactly hand me a book called “How to Create an A+ Chiropractic Team in 10 Easy Steps” when I got my diploma from Life University.

So when it comes to the nitty gritty of putting together your team… Details like defining team roles, developing policies and procedures, crafting scripts and forms… never mind creating enthusiastic-On-Purpose-let me at them Teams CAs that will take your practice to the next level!

As you have probably discovered, you’re on your own.

And as the overloaded “CEO” of a busy practice, it’s easy to put off “train the team” for a tomorrow that never seems to arrive.

That’s exactly where I found myself 17 years ago.

But I was blessed with the chance to mentor under some of the best docs in the business, and I quickly realized just how important my team was to growing my practice—AND to making sure my practice didn’t consume my life.

I Set Out On A Mission To Discover The “Systems”

I made it my goal to uncover the systems that would allow me to hire only the best team members… Get them up to speed without months of hand-holding… Give them the tools they needed to educate patients on the life-changing benefits of our care… And allow my practice to run smoothly without constant whip-cracking from me.

And after years of work and a LOT of trial and error, I finally had my “dream team” in place.

They’re the real reason we broke through the 1,000+ patient-per-week … and coach 2,351 (and counting) other docs on building their practices… and still have time to work-out, date my wife (!) and take vacations and go surfing with my family.

Proven Systems – Used by Practices Around the Globe

Since I cracked this code, I’ve helped chiropractors from all over the US, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Europe and across Southeast Asia set up these processes and systems in their practices—and they’ve experienced the same results… Team driven practices and EXPLOSIVE growth—no matter what the language or the culture.

For years my coaching clients begged me to make my team training system available so they wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel and invest years and thousands of dollars figuring all this out on their own.

So I finally took everything I’ve uncovered…

And packaged it up into a comprehensive “dream team” system that’s easy and painless to drop in to YOUR practice.

It’s called the The Remarkable Practice CA Academy.


Here’s How the CA Academy Works

Rather than dumping an avalanche of information on you—and leaving you to dig your way out—

I’ve broken the whole thing down into a series of weekly modules that take and your Team less than 30 – 60 minutes a week to complete.

Each module begins with a video from me, handing you the exact information that you need and then walking you and your entire Team through your action steps for the week.

I’ll give you and each team member the resources they need—word-for-word scripts, the forms and checklists that we use in our practice, paint-by-numbers procedures—to carry out their role with confidence and enthusiasm.

I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with you and show you how to really lead this new team of superstars you’re building.

Even More…Weekly Support Calls

And I’m going to give your Team direct access to my Remarkable Expert CA Team where they will have weekly coaching calls on the topics of marketing, process and procedures along with monthly Q&A calls…this is priceless!

Gilles LaMarche“One of the greatest gifts to the chiropractic profession, and any chiropractic practice, is a well-trained passionate chiropractic assistant. Dr. Stephen’s CA Academy provides exceptional content in a real world setting. If you are looking for exceptional applicable online CA training, developing a ‘super’ CA has never been easier.”

Dr. Gilles LaMarche

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It’s Easy and Painless—Even Fun!

You just gather your team together … push play… and complete the simple exercises that I will give you.

Literally—you push play and I train your team for you.

So how much is this going to cost?

14DayGuaranteeWell, I’ve spent 17 years and tens of thousands of dollars testing and tweaking this system.

Just the resources that we include in the CA Academy would set you back more than  $3,000 if you bought them from our online store.

You even get my iron-clad “you’ll love it” guarantee so you can try it for 14 days without risking a penny.

Don’t Waste Years Figuring All This Out On Your Own

I’m handing you everything—the entire team training system that allowed me to build a thriving practice without giving up my family or my life.

Give your team the tools, training and resources to take over the million little details that are stealing your time…

Freeing you up to shepherd your patients to better health… transform your community… And create the relaxed and fulfilling life you crave.

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