Remarkable Attraction Training

2 Day Masterclass-Learn from the best in the chiropractic business.

  • Intense & comprehensive LIVE training
  • Training for chiropractors and teams
  • Attract the RIGHT patients

Date: Nov. 24th – 25th, 2023

Where: New Zealand College of Chiropractic, 6 Harrison Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060, New Zealand

Time: Friday – 3 pm-6 pm, Saturday 9 am – 5pm (Lunch included on Saturday)

Cost: $497 USD

New Zealand
Chiropractors Trained
Businesses Scaled
Star Rating

What You Will Learn

Speak to Transform Versus Inform

Learn how to Speak to Transform versus Inform. Master the ability to Tell Stories that move People in Action.

Key Processes to Attract New Patients

Join Remarkable Chiropractors, Marketing Experts, and Success Partners to skill & drill down on the Key Processes and Procedures of Attracting More Ideal New Patients.

Key Marketing Strategies to Scale Your Business

You and you’re team will learn the scalable tactics that you need to know to implement successful digital, internal, and external marketing strategies.

Meet Your Coaches

Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic

Dr Bobby Ilijasevic is a Chiropractor, coach, trainer and speaker, working with practices both in Australia & internationally. He regularly coaches DCs on how to create their own Remarkable Practice as part of a Remarkable Life and loves to work with DCs on new patient attraction and conversion.

Dr. Malcolm Rudd

Dr Malcolm is passionate about helping DCs grow their leadership skills to earn themselves more time-freedom, better balance, better impact, and peace of mind. He excels at conversion and generating new patients via referrals.

Coach Kate Rudd

Coach Kate loves helping CAs and Office Managers build and scale their practices through implementing systems in all four domains – attraction, conversion, retention, and team building.

Dr. Adrian Couzner

Dr. Adrian excels at helping DCs and their CAs who are in the “build” season of their career. He is a master of implementing systems and processes to help teams improve their new patient attraction, conversion, and retention.