Remarkable Conversion Intensive

1 Day Practice Growth Masterclass: Create and Collect Ideal Patients

  • Get Patients EXCITED to START CARE
  • Get Patients to WANT to STAY UNDER CARE
  • GROW By Creating and Collecting Ideal Patients

Date: July 6th, 2024

Where: New Zealand College of Chiropractic, 6 Harrison Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060, New Zealand

Time: 9am – 6pm

Cost: $186 (3 attendees included). $50 for each additional attendee

New Zealand
Chiropractors Trained
Businesses Scaled
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Your Team Will Discover How To

The Entire TRP Conversion Process

Unlock the secrets to effortlessly converting new patients with our one-day seminar tailored specifically for chiropractic practices ready to grow!

Discover the top proven strategies in the TRP Conversion Process to convert to retain your ideal patients, ensuring steady growth and success for your practice.

Master the New Patient Conversion Formula

With this training your Team will learn how to make New Patient Conversions nearly automatic, discover how to convert to retain, learn to Convert Through Connection – not high pressure sales techniques.

Learn How to Set the Foundation for Extraordinary Patient Retention

The TRP Conversion System “Converts to Retain”.  Your patients will be eager to START care and want to STAY UNDER CARE when they begin with the end in mind.  Stop Patient Drop-Out by STARTING right!

Meet Your Coaches

Dr. Malcolm Rudd

Dr Malcolm is passionate about helping DCs grow their leadership skills to earn themselves more time-freedom, better balance, better impact, and peace of mind. He excels at conversion and generating new patients via referrals.

Dr. Adrian Couzner

Dr. Adrian excels at helping DCs and their CAs who are in the “build” season of their career. He is a master of implementing systems and processes to help teams improve their new patient attraction, conversion, and retention.