Leverage the Phoenix Plan to Boost Your Practice

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Hey Doc –

There are three big challenges that chiropractors around the world are facing right now.

  • Number one, your patients, your team, and maybe even you doc are freaked out right now or at least confused about what’s going on. They don’t know how to act. Everyone is looking for greater clarity.
  • Number two is patients have gone MIA or missing an action since this Covid catastrophe started and we need to reactivate them.
  • Number three, new patients have slowed or stopped and it’s time to mobilize and get back to marketing and bringing in new patients.

Where is Your Practice on this Continuum?

So we’ve created a three-stage action plan for our clients to address each of these challenges in order and they are crushing it around the world.

We knew that we had to get this program out to every chiropractor because let’s face it, we need every chiropractor to not only make it through this Corona crisis, but we want to see you guys actually position yourselves for incredible growth this year on the other side of this distraction.

And you can if you do this right. So regardless of where you are right now, a doc is a continuum. When you look at chiropractors around the world on the far right hand side of the continuum, your business might be down 10 to 20%, but it’s largely business as usual.

Now you’re eager to get back to growth mode or maybe you’re in the middle of the continuum and you’re down somewhere between 40% and 60% and you’re vacillating somewhere between just frustrated and freaked out.

And then on the far left hand side of the continuum where maybe you’re down 70 or 80% or more, maybe even closed or maybe just coming back from being closed and you are fully freaked out, right?

So regardless of where you are on that continuum, this message is for you.

We Rolled into 2020 with High Aspirations

Listen, we all rolled into 2020 with high aspirations, right?

We all had goals and your goals, your original plan probably looked a lot like mine, right?

This beautiful growth trajectory across the year. And you know what?

We came into the year hot  – 1st Quarter was going awesome. January.  Awesome.  February.  Awesome.

And then boom, the Corona crisis hit.

For some, this completely derailed you.

For others, you lost your growth momentum and you’ve seen a dip in Q2.

Here’s what I know. The best way to grow your business in 2020 is to not let it shrink too much in 2nd Quarter 2020.

Right now we’re seeing three types of chiropractors out there. There are three pathways through this Crisis.

  1. The first group are those that are doing nothing. They’re standing on the sidelines and they’re waiting this out. This is not good. They will most likely be setting themselves up for “their new normal” and it’s going to look something like the red line.
  2. The second group of Chiros, they’re getting back at it, but they’re doing what they’ve always done and they’re going to hope for the best. They’re on this blue line, they’re going to have a long slog as things will not really be back to normal very soon, if ever.
  3. The third group, these Docs made a pivot. They’ve adapted, just like our clients at The Remarkable Practice.  Our clients who are following The Phoenix Plan, they’re crushing it and they’re on the green line. Our docs have pivoted and adapted to this Covid situation and positioned themselves to grow.

When you’re equipped, trained and your teams are confidently following our system, you too can position yourself perfectly to not only survive, but actually thrive in these crazy times.

Some of our clients have experienced their best months ever in April, which is unreal!

These Docs Flourished Through the Covid Crisis Using The Phoenix Plan

“First week back in practice – it’s our biggest ever on the schedule. 900+. The Phoenix Plan is a huge success!”

– Dr Kale M

“We ended up with over 80K last month – when most chiros were supposed to be closed.  Genesis said we were the highest income of all chiros in our state by far. We are crushing it with “The Phoenix Plan”!!!!”

– Dr David H

“With the Phoenix Plan, we are 100% on our reactivations and resigns and 100% on our NP conversions! And we made our collections goal!”

– Drs Dave & Carla

The Next 3 Months are Most Critical

So here’s what I know Doc…

How you behave in the next three months is critical, and I believe that how you lead in the next three months will determine your next two to three years.

There’s basically two types of leadership you need to be aware of:

There’s Peacetime leadership and there’s Wartime leadership. These are totally different behaviors.

Peacetime leadership is really what we’ve been enjoying for the last four or five years.  It’s a creative process. It’s vision casting, the ultimate vision of the business that you’re looking to build. Where are you now? Where are you going to be next in 12 months? This leadership is very Socratic.

Wartime leadership is different. It’s less about asking. It’s more about telling, stop doing that, start doing this. It’s not about strategy, it’s about tactics. It’s not about preparing and assessing. It’s about adapting, pivoting, and taking action.

And right now we are at war in your business, your team, your patients, your community…

And Doc – they  need you to be a wartime leader.

Your Battle Plan = THE PHOENIX PLAN

We created a “Battle Plan” for our Clients called THE PHOENIX PLAN.

This is the exact plan that our hundreds of our premium TRP clients pay thousands of dollars for and are using it right now as we speak, and they’re killing it.

When we saw the results that our Remarkable Practice clients are getting, we knew that we needed to get this program out to every chiropractor.  The truth is, we need every practice to make it through this Corona Catastrophe. In fact, we want to make sure that DCs are positioned perfectly to seize the opportunity to make 2020 their best year yet.

“The Phoenix Plan” is a 3 Stage Action Plan that will help you get your footing back – get you focused on and equipped for taking the right action steps, right NOW.

Stage 1

(Stabilize Your Business)

  •  Get your head right as a leader.  Gain Certainty and Clarity on the next right move to make
  • Get your Team stabilized so that they can be confident communicators
  • Get your Patient Base stabilized.  Stop the bleeding and build your relationships

Stage 2

(Reactivate The “M.I.A.s”)

  • Get those patients who have been derailed since this distraction began back on track
  • Double-back and get the Previously Active Patients back in the boat – they need you now
  • Leverage new technology + strategies to re-engage, energize and re-establish patient relationships

Stage 3

(Time to start MARKETING)

  • Your community is in a panic right now, but this will not last long
  • The decision makers in your town (business owners) will be looking for a better way
  • Business owners, community leaders, parents, etc. will be ready for new strategies
  • You will be equipped to meet the needs of your market.  Be their go to expert

This step by step, easy to follow program will get you inspired, confident and equipped to take your practice back – and then take it to the next level.

Here’s what’s included in The Phoenix Plan

    • 8 Hours of Video Training Specific to The 3 Phases Of The Phoenix Plan
    • Specific Strategies for You and Your Team to Stabilize Your Business
    • The Exact Tactics and Scripting for Reactivating Patients
    • Powerful System for New Patient Marketing for Current Climate
    • The Tools, Resources and Trainings for How to Deliver A Relevant Message That Positions You as The Expert That People Are Looking for Right Now
    • Roberto Monaco’s Coaching on Communicating in A Crisis, How To Create Compelling Video Marketing Messages And How To Optimize Webinars And Outside Talks
    • All the Tools, Scripts, PowerPoint Decks and Assets Are Included


  • 1 MONTH OF PRIVATE COACHING with one of our Remarkable Practice Coaches ($1200 Value). Your coach will work closely with you to customize your Phoenix Plan.  The power of coaching cannot be over-stated.  Your coach will help you gain clarity around what you need to start doing and stop doing to reach your goals.  They will help you identify the priorities to focus on RIGHT NOW – and most importantly, create accountability – to make sure that you get it done!
    • How to Fill and Optimize Webinars with Dr. Chad Woolner
    • How to Deliver Virtual Consultations with Dr. Jeff Langmaid
    • How to Leverage Social Media and Email Communications with Dr. Jason Deitch
    • How to Launch and Optimize Facebook Private Groups and FB Lives with Chris Burfield
    • 60 Days All Access to The Remarkable Practice Academy (DC/CA)
    • 60 Days Access to the TRP Private Facebook Forums (DC / CA)
    • Access to the TRP APP (iOS / Andoid)
    • Signed Copy of The Remarkable Practice Book


NOW – for a limited time only – get everything for one-time payment of ONLY $1497!

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We’ll show you and your team exactly how to do this right so that things don’t go sideways on you.

We’re far from being out of the woods, that’s why we’re here to come alongside you and bring you this system that has been proven to help our doctors move right through this crazy time, gracefully and productively.

How you behave in the next two to three months will likely shape your next two to three years in practice. Let us help you get it right, doc.

If you already know that the Phoenix plan is exactly what you and your practice needs right now, and you’re simply ready to get after it, then click the let’s get started button and we will get you connected with one of our coaches and get you started immediately.

If you’d like to set up a strategy call with one of our coaches first to learn more about how we can create a customized Phoenix Plan for you, we’d love to do that. Simply click the “Schedule me with a Coach” link and we’ll get you connected with one of our coaches right away.

It’s an honor and a privilege to help more chiropractors, help more people.

You are the hero in this story.

Let’s get you ready for battle.

I’ll see you on the inside.

In Health from Within,

Stephen Franson, DC