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Next Webinar is 7/30/2021 @ 4:00 PM EST

2021/07/30 16:05:21

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Limited Space Webinar…
Essential knowledge that every DC needs to know.

What You Will Learn In This Free Practice Growth Webinar:

Secret #1

How To Sustainably Attract YOUR Ideal New Patients.  (Learn how to immediately identify broke and time-wasting tire-kickers and boot them out before they get a foot in.)

Secret #2

Master the Super Simple Conversion Secrets. Learn The System that OUTCOME…so that you focus on care and never have to “sell” or “push” again.

Secret #3

Learn How To KEEP the Clients You’ve Worked So Hard To Attract: RETENTION BASED OUTCOME

Experience The Remarkable Difference

The Remarkable Practice’s “Launch, Build, Scale, & Exit” systems for growing chiropractic businesses are legendary. We show coaches how to grow and scale their practices to QUANTATIVE OUTCOME.

Since DATE, The Remarkable Practice has been the go-to teacher for DCs (and their staff) who want more more clients, more conversions, better retention, and a better life-work balance. The Remarkable Practice works with DCs who understand that the “Having a Remarkable Practice While Leading A Remarkable Life” is a viable option and not a pipe dream. We want you to have more success, better income, more impact, and more time-freedom.

Our signature systems are built around implementing proven systems and processes for attracting new patients, converting them reliably, retaining them long-term, building a remarkable team, and delivering superior care.

We’re on a mission to eliminate the PAIN POINTS and high-pressure from the chiropractic industry…and replace it with replicable tactics, processes, and systems that take the pressure off while providing practice-transforming results.

About Your Host:

Dr. Bobby is the specialist in METHOD/PROCESS that get fast and highly profitable RESULTS/OUTCOMES.

How Can We Help?

Not Sure Where to Start? Let us help! We’ve been doing this for XYZ years…and we’ve helped 1000’s of DCs find the real reasons their practice’s aren’t performing the way they want them to.

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