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Remarkable Retention Immersion


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What is an "Immersion Seminar"?

An Intense and Comprehensive 2 Day Live Training for Chiropractors and Their Teams on Creating Value for Regular Lifetime Chiropractic Care
  • An intimate Training Event that brings Remarkable Chiropractors and Remarkable Teams together to skill and drill down on the Key Processes and Procedures of Creating Remarkable Patient Retention
  • Compelling “Listening and Learning Sessions” led by TRP Founder, Dr. Stephen Franson on the conceptual as well as practical elements that create extraordinary Patient Retention
  • Engaging and challenging “Break Outs” and “Pit Classes” for DCs and CAs to train and master the tactical elements of Patient Communications, Process and Procedures
  • Connect with other “Remarkables” from our Tribe around the world…Like-minded, On Purpose Chiropractic Teams that have decided that they want to change the world.

Why Attend The Immersion?

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    Get 6 months’ worth of Training in 2 Days
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    Accelerate Your Skills and Speed Your Success
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    Don’t just Dabble in Training – Immerse Your Team!
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    Let Your Team Watch My Team in Action!
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    Discover The 7 Pit-Falls that Kill Patient Retention
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    Learn How to Create and Collect Ideal Patients
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    Better Patient Retention Drives Better Results:

    • Better Clinical Outcomes for Your Patients
    • More Fulfillment for You and Your Team
    • Growth and Prosperity for Your Practice

You and Your Team Receive
The Remarkable Retention Immersion Certification

Each team in attendance will receive a Remarkable Retention Immersion Certification acknowledging your work and commitment as a Practice to creating value and growing your skills in retaining patients in Lifetime Chiropractic Care.

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