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Have you ever wondered, what would happen to your practice if your patients simply followed your recommendations and stayed under care – maybe even for life? Do you find yourself frustrated by patient drop-out? At The Remarkable Retention Immersion, you’ll discover the proven methods to get patients to follow your recommendations and stay under care – because they want to.

You will get to do your best work. Your patients will get better health outcomes. Your practice will grow. You will make a bigger impact and a bigger income. And you and your Team will experience more fulfillment every day!

This internationally successful event has helped hundreds of DCs create the practices and achieve levels of success and fulfillment that they previously only dreamed were possible. Over the course of a powerful 2 days, The Remarkable Practice Team will help you and your Team master the specific systems and processes to reshape your practice and design the business of your dreams.

Success belongs to the action takers. It is said that in your moments of decision, your destiny is shaped. Make the decision to shape your own destiny – join us in Chicago and discover the exact systems and processes that will create the business that will create the Remarkable Practice and Remarkable Life that you have always wanted and deserve.

Success Stories


Do you struggle with Patient Compliance?

Discover How To Get Patients to Eagerly Follow Your Recommendations

Can’t Get Patients to Attend your Weekly Workshop?

Learn How to Get EVERY Patient to Attend Workshop (and bring guests)

Does Table Talk and Patient Education hard or feel awkward?

Master the Art of Talkin’ Tic and creating Ideal Patients and Understanders

Is Your Practice Stuck Because of Patient Drop-Out and Discontinuance?

Learn the EXACT Process that has DOUBLED and TRIPLED our Clients Retention

Are Patients Recommitting to Future Care Plans or Looking for the Exits when they are “done``

Make Re-Commitments Automatic when you learn how to Pre-Frame Properly

Message From Franson on Remarkable Retention Immersion

In the last 20+ years of working with thousands of chiropractors and chiropractic Teams around the world, I now know that there are specific decisions and behaviors that either drive incredible growth, happiness and prosperity – or continued struggle and pain.  In my own practice, I enjoyed tremendous wins and remarkable success – but I learned much more from the spectacular failures.  The last two decades in the deepest trenches of chiropractic have revealed to me the critical elements of success and the usual suspects in struggle.  That struggle can show up in many ways in any of the domains of the chiropractic practice.

The purpose of the Remarkable Retention Immersion is to reveal these elements in an encouraging and empowering environment that will equip DCs and their Teams to reproduce the success that has been reproduced and proven by thousands of TRP Practices around the world.

Attend the Remarkable Retention Immersion and discover the exact systems that have set doctors free to do their best work…make a bigger impact…and a bigger income.  There has never been a more critical time to create Ideal Patients and collect Ideal Patients. The Retention Based Practice is the best business model in the world.  It’s the ultimate Win / Win / Win.

Your community is ready for you to step up. Your Team is ready to take it to the next level. You are ready to finally have the practice that you deserve. You can create a Remarkable Practice as PART of a Remarkable LIFE, if you take the next step.

See you in Chicago

Stephen Franson, DC

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