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“Know your Practice so that  you can Grow your Practice.”

docpageHello I am Dr. Stephen Franson from The Remarkable Practice

We have created a powerful tool that will make it easier for you to grow your practice – because you know your practice.

Vital Signs is a practice statistics tracking program that will help you capture and learn from the Meaningful Metrics in your practice.

Weekly generated charts, graphs and reports will help you run your practice – and direct your resources.

A variety of informative reports can be generated weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to better visualize your practice performance, goals, challenges and achievements. 

  • End the stress of guess work and know the reality of what is actually going on in your practice…
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the business of your practice so that you can direct your training energy and your resources towards the specific places in your practice that will yield the best return
  • Get the feedback, reports and graphs that make it fast and easy for you to see the landscape of your practice – week over week, month over month and year over year…
  • Track the trends and watch how your practice truly responds to the specific changes you make in your processes
  • No more surprises – no more stress or anxiety of the unknown…just real and relevant feedback from your practice – AND…
  • Metric Specific Coaching and Guidance from the TRP Coaching Team so that you will know exactly what to do to IMPROVE your outcomes – and give everyone more – and specific -  reasons to celebrate!

Click to get Vital Signs now.

The Vital Signs Program is supported by two sets of video tutorials:

The first series is the Vital Signs Meaningful Metrics Training bundle…These modules will introduce you to the Vital Signs Program

Show you which stats to track, teach you how to record them and Orient you to the various reports that come with the program including:

The New Patient Tracking Report:

Stop New Patients from dropping through the cracks during the first few days in your practice…

You should know where every NP is in their process at any moment in time…and so should everyone on your Team. 

The New Patient Tracking Report makes this possible.

Everyone on your Team will know exactly where every NP is in your Process – And be alerted to take specific action if someone goes sideways…

Stop losing people during this extremely fragile time in their care… start using the NP Tracking Report

The Weekly Stats Tracking Report

Organize your Practice Performance and Meaningful Metrics in an easy to read – easy to understand “layered” report…

We know that you are busy – you do not have time to “pour over” numbers and analytics…

I have designed the Weekly Performance Report to give you the Top Level, critical information that you need every week to make informed decisions about your practice –

so that you can grow your practice – because you know your practice… and you will… with the Weekly Stats Report.

If any metric seems off or odd for whatever reason – You can simply go deeper into the next layer of the report – if you want to go even deeper – you can ZOOM IN with the third layer of Vital Signs …

This will give you a granular view of every aspect of your practice…

Because, my friends…

“You cannot Master what you do not measure…”

Finally – there is the Forensics Report:

Unfortunately – some patients will go inactive. 

For me – looking at a list of patients that have dropped out of care is like looking at a Crime Scene…with a bunch of dead bodies laying around…

I show up like a detective… I want to know “who done it? What happened?

When and where did it happen…????

No more guessing about Patient Drop-Out…

No more wondering about the holes in your bucket…

With the Forensics Report –

you will know exactly where and when in your patient process your people are dropping out of care…so that you can DO  SOMETHING ABOUT IT…

Combine this powerful report with another equally informative study called

“The Stick Rate” Report…

Do you know what percentage of your people make it to the 30 day mark?

How about the 60 day mark? Day 90?...

You should…

The Stick Rate will show you exactly what percentage of your patients

make it to any point in your care process…

Do you want to know what % of patients make it to their first PE? 

How about their 3 month Re-Exam? 

The Annual Re-Exam or Re-Xay? 

How many of those then make it to year 3 or year 10? 

Do you know? 

You can now with the Stick Rate Report. 

The Vital Signs Program can be customized to meet your practice needs –

And is supported by video tutorial - as well as our Remarkable Practice Team.  

Let us come alongside of you and your Team and help you succeed.

Doctor, you opened your practice so that you can make an impact in your community.

Your practice is in the business of changing lives – and saving lives.

You are either running your business – or your business is running you. 

End the stress of not knowing your business…Stop guessing when it comes to investing Marketing Dollars

Or Team Training hours…

You can know your practice so that you can grow your practice…

And Vital Signs can show you how.

Get Started Today for $1295


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