The Complete System for Growing Your Practice

Hey Doc! I want to ask you something…

Does the thought of creating and implementing systems seem overwhelming?

It can seem that way, especially if you’re creating them yourself from scratch. But once they’re in place, you’ll start to see your practice and your life transform.

You’ll feel in control, not overwhelmed.

Your practice will grow, while more and more of the everyday stuff is taken off your place, so you can focus on your patients…or hey, maybe even take a vacation!

And when I realized how important systems were more than 20 years ago, I started investing in all kinds of business training. That’s how I developed the systems that really grew my practice…and changed my life. In fact, now I’m known as “The Systems Guy.”

Doc, the truth is this: Going at it alone is a recipe for burnout.

But when you have the right systems, you can reach that next level faster than you ever imagined.

That’s how I went from 300 patient visits per week to more than 1,000.

And that’s what I want to give you…the right systems and support to help you reach your goals.

So to do that, I created The Remarkable Practice Academy.

The Remarkable Practice Academy is your go-to resource for attracting, converting, and retaining patients and building and training your team. Inside the Academy you will find two different training programs: The DC Academy (for you, the chiro) and The CA Academy (for your staff).

In The Remarkable Practice Academy, you’ll get:

Access to my proven systems for attracting new patients, converting them, and retaining them for the long-term…

That’s 104 video training modules in the DC Academy for you, the doctor. AND 77 video training modules in the CA Academy for your team.

You’ll get:

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    The DC Academy – 104 Video Training Modules for You
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    The CA Academy – 77 Training Modules for Your Team
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    The “How to Find and Hire A Remarkable Team” Bonus Package…
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    Your new CAs trained FOR you, with The 7 Day CA Program…
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    Access for your CAs to my private CA forum, where your team will get to train with my team…
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    The DC Bonus Marketing Package, including The Complete Bonfire Health Corporate Wellness Program, How To Be a Radio Wellness Expert, How to Do More Productive Spinal Screenings, How to Deliver Powerful Dinner Talks, How to Get Into The CrossFit Space, and much more…
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    AND you’ll get time with me every month on the Facebook Live Q&A Sessions. Bring your questions, and I will personally help you blast through any sticking points that come up. It’s all gonna be forward progress, Doc!

That’s everything you need to build a Remarkable Practice.

Now, if you’re wondering if it’ll really work for you…I get it. I’ve shared that concern when I’ve invested in my business. So to help you decide, here’s what other DCs have said about the success they’ve had with The Remarkable Practice:

“It’s going to save you time, increase your certainty, and help your team get to the next level. Everyone will be on same path to create an awesome wellness practice.”

– Kelly Graham, DC

“The process The Remarkable Practice provides, the procedures…it’s just really amazing how it takes you from point A to literally point Z. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

– Sebastian Fuksa, DC

The process and systems he has are amazing…we’ve used coaching companies in the past, but this just fit perfectly.”

– Jarrod Bagley, DC

“It’s [an] investment…in your future, and it’s worth it.

– Victor Sanudo, DC

So you might be wondering...

what’s all this gonna cost?!

But don’t worry…

The cost is going to be much less than you think.

Much less than hiring me to teach this one on one, which I’m just not able to offer right now…

And much, much less than learning this by trial and error the way I had to. (Where you can lose money AND get zero results until you figure out what works.)

Also, I really want this to be accessible to every DC who is serious about creating a Remarkable Practice.

So to do that, you won’t pay $20,000 for all of these systems…

Or even $10,000…

Instead you can get the exact systems I use…

Systems I spent 20 years testing and developing with hundreds of coaching clients …

All for just $397/month.

No big down-payments. Just $397 to get in, and you can see the program for yourself. Get full access to all modules as soon as you join!

There simply hasn’t been a better time to join, invest in your business, and start building your Remarkable Practice…and your Remarkable Life!

Is this right for you?

Here’s the bottom line… if you’re a chiropractor who is feeling overwhelmed by your practice…

…who wants to grow your practice by 100-200 visits (or even to 1,000 visits, IF that’s your goal)…

…who wants to help more people…

…who wants a Remarkable Practice, MINUS the stress and long hours…

The Remarkable Practice Academy is the easiest way of getting there.

You’ll get every system you need to create a Remarkable Practice AND a Remarkable Life.

Specifically, you’ll get membership into the The Remarkable Practice Academy for yourself and your team. That includes all the training modules, forums, Facebook Q&As, and more.

And, I take on 100% of the risk with my guarantee to you…

If at any time within the first 14 days, you think this isn’t the best money you’ve ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you in full.

This way the burden is on me to provide you with huge value. THAT is how confident I am that once you get inside The Remarkable Practice Academy, you’ll love what you see and the results you get.

I KNOW that if you join and follow my step-by-step program, it’ll more than pay for itself in no time. You’ll have all the new patients you want. They’ll stick around. And with systems running your practice, your life is gonna get a whole lot sweeter, Doc.

So if you’re still thinking it over, here’s how to decide...

With the risk entirely on me, why not try it out for yourself? See what you think.

Worst case scenario, I’ll refund you. Best case scenario, you’ll start growing your practice this month.

Plus, if you get just ONE new patient per month, you’ll MORE than make back your investment in The Academy every month. Every patient after that is pure ROI.

So trust what your gut is telling you. Believe what other chiros have said about the results they’ve obtained. And let’s grow your business and get you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of–and that you deserve.

It’s waiting for you inside the TRP Academy, but you have to raise your hand and say yes. You know what they say, success is reserved for the action takers!

I’ll see you inside The Academy!


Dr. Stephen Franson, DC
Founder, The Remarkable Practice