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MAY 21 - 22, 2021

Friday: 3 - 7 PM AEST Event
Saturday: 8 AM - 6 PM AEST Event

“An Intense and Comprehensive 2 Day Live Training for Chiropractors and Their Teams on Attracting Ideal New Patients”

Dr. Stephen Franson

DC Coach

Dr. Bobby Ilijasevic

DC Coach

Dr. Malcolm Rudd

DC Coach

Dr. Mark Mouw

DC Coach

Dr. Sebastian Bonin

DC Coach

Dr. Pete Camiolo

DC Coach

Kate Rudd

CA Coach

Mary Quense

CA Coach

Dr. Adrian Couzner

CA Coach

Join us for this incredible virtual live training!

Everyone is being affected by this coronavirus…

Everyone is looking for better answers.

  • Will you be the one that is ready to give them?
  • Will you be equipped to step in the gap and deliver?
  • Will you know how to deliver the talk? Move the room? And schedule new patients?
  • Will you be able to show them that you are the solution?
  • Will you be ready?

Join us for this incredible “live” virtual event and you will be!

Register Now

Virtual Live Training Ticket

$700 (~$1200 AUD)
Includes Doctor & Your Entire Team

What is a "Virtual Live Training"?

An Intense and Comprehensive 2 Day Live Training for Chiropractors and Their Teams
on How to Attract More Ideal New Patients
  • A virtual Training Event that brings Remarkable Chiropractors and Remarkable Teams together to skill & drill down on the Key Processes and Procedures of Attracting More Ideal New Patients
  • An opportunity for you to step into the gap for your community and meet their needs as an expert as they look for better answers
  • A collaborative event with Dr. Stephen Franson & the TRP coaches teaching on attraction strategies and the power of persuasive speaking
  • Same event as was planned for Melbourne. Same schedule and all the incredible content, but now you get to experience this training virtually from the comfort of your home or office

Why Attend The Immersion?

  • number-one-in-a-circle
    Better Patient Attraction Drives Better Practice Results:

    • Enjoy Regular New Patient Flow to Create Consistent Growth
    • Master the Compounding Effect of Aligned Marketing
    • Teach Your Patients How To Learn From You, Refer to You and Market For You

  • number-two-in-a-circle
    Learn how to fully leverage the power of speaking and do it with confidence.
  • number-three-in-a-circle
    Learn how to Speak to Transform versus Inform
  • number-four-in-circular-button
    Master the ability to Tell Stories that move People in Action
  • number-five-in-circular-button
    Get 6 months’ worth of Training in 2 Days
  • number-six-in-a-circle
    Discover how to effectively increase your conversion and get leads from ALL your speaking activities – inside and out of the office
  • number-seven-in-a-circle
    Accelerate Your Skills and Speed Your Success
  • number-eight-in-a-circle
    Get access to the immersion content in perpetuity
  • number-night-in-a-circle
    Ability to connect with other “Remarkables” from our Tribe around the world…Like-minded, On Purpose Chiropractic Teams that have decided that they want to change the world

You and Your Team Receive
The Remarkable Attraction Immersion Certification

Each team in attendance will receive a Remarkable Attraction Immersion Certification acknowledging your work and commitment as a Practice to creating value and growing your skills in retaining patients in Lifetime Chiropractic Care.

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