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NOVEMBER 15TH – 16TH, 2019

Friday: 2 PM Registration, 3 - 7 PM Event
Saturday: 7:00 AM Registration, 7:30 AM - 4 PM Event


“An Intense and Comprehensive 2 Day Live Training for Chiropractors and Their Teams on Attracting Ideal New Patients”

What is an "Immersion Seminar"?

An Intense and Comprehensive 2 Day Live Training for Chiropractors and Their Teams
on How to Attract More Ideal New Patients
  • An intimate Training Event that brings Remarkable Chiropractors and Remarkable Teams together to skill and drill down on the Key Processes and Procedures of Attracting More Ideal New Patients
  • Compelling “Listening and Learning Sessions” led by TRP Founder, Dr. Stephen Franson on the conceptual as well as practical elements that create More Referrals and Productive New Patient Marketing Campaigns
  • Learn How to Master Your Marketing Plan, Marketing Calendar, Body Signals Campaigns and Social Media
  • Engaging and challenging “Break Outs” and “Pit Classes” for DCs and CAs to train and master the tactical elements of Patient Communications, NP Attraction Process and Procedures
  • Connect with other “Remarkables” from our Tribe around the world…Like-minded, On Purpose Chiropractic Teams that have decided that they want to change the world

Why Attend The Immersion?

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    Get 6 months’ worth of Training in 2 Days
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    Accelerate Your Skills and Speed Your Success
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    Don’t just Dabble in Training – Immerse Your Team!
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    Let Your Team Watch My Team in Action!
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    Discover The Keys to Successful Marketing Campaigns and Events
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    Learn How to Attract and Collect More Ideal New Patients
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    Special Guest Speaker Dr. Jason Deitch on Leveraging Facebook Marketing
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    Better Patient Attraction Drives Better Practice Results:

    • Enjoy Regular New Patient Flow to Create Consistent Growth
    • Master the Compounding Effect of Aligned Marketing
    • Teach Your Patients How To Learn From You, Refer to You and Market For You

You and Your Team Receive
The Remarkable Attraction Immersion Certification

Each team in attendance will receive a Remarkable Attraction Immersion Certification acknowledging your work and commitment as a Practice to creating value and growing your skills in retaining patients in Lifetime Chiropractic Care.

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