The Professions Most Influential Chiropractors

Excerpt from Today’s Chiropractic Lifestyle
By Amy Selby

Our list of the best and brightest—ages 40 and under.

Many of us live by lists. Lists of office policies, patient visits for the day, daily things to do, grocery items to buy and of things we want to do before we die (read page 24 for some inspiration). We’re adding a major list to this issue of Today’s Chiropractic LifeStyle with our selections of the most influential chiropractors 40 and under. They can inspire you, provide some needed perspective or a new outlook and serve as reminder as to why you’re a chiropractor.

Each chiropractor profiled on the following pages was chosen carefully by our editorial board and trusted sources throughout the profession for their achievements, innovations and the promise and potential they offer to chiropractic. We feel this esteemed group of doctors is a glimpse into the near future of our profession. They are agents of change, innovators, dreamers and effective leaders. They are young and they are tirelessly working toward a better tomorrow. They are teachers, philosophers and vitalists. We believe they are the most influential chiropractors.

Stephen Franson
Beverly, Mass.

Why He’s On Our List: Stephen Franson has been promoting and living a wellness-based lifestyle and he teaches this lifestyle to patients through the Well People Program. Franson’s program is founded on a wellness paradigm and encourages participants to seek out a wellness DC as their family’s health coach. And, when he’s not working, Franson is an avid surfer, which instantly adds to his coolness quotient.

How Chiropractic is an Inspiration: “The timelessness of chiropractic astounds me. Our healing art always seems to be in exactly the right place at the right time. Starting with its humble beginnings as “the simple solution” at the turn of the century through to today’s fashionable interest in the science of wellness and evidence-based health care, chiropractic has always been perfectly positioned to blossom into its magnificence—if only its practitioners would embrace our principle.

The Change He is Working Toward: “As a profession we need to engage the public on the platform of “Inside-Out” living. It is not only our uniqueness but our contribution to humanity. As the various health care players fumble around the arena of wellness and holism trying to secure their “market-share”; chiropractic has seemingly cast aside the cornerstone of our profession: The Principle. We must reclaim our post in the bigger picture of health care and assume our rightful position as the leaders in the Wellness Revolution.”

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