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New Patient Conversion

I had the unique opportunity to shoot a few infomercials back in the day.  It was an awesome learning experience that left me with a few very useful sales tools for practice building.

One of the most valuable take-aways for me was a bright neon sign behind the camera that read, “What Do I Get?” 

The onset behavioral scientists behind the scripts learned quickly that the key to a strong informercial was to answer this question and this questions alone.

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My anatomy and physiology professor at Life University used to say, “Everything has holes… and everything takes time.”

I am not sure what he meant by that first part, but the second has always rung true when it comes to chiropractic care, health and healing. Time is a very precious commodity and in many ways, it’s the only one. We depend on time in our field of work just as much as we do our own hands.

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Here in the northeast spring is blossoming everywhere. It seems appropriate that our focus this season is on new patient conversion! Our efforts are focused on helping change lives from unhealthy to healthy through educating, nurturing and providing care.

All new patients go through their Report of Findings day where you sit down with their X-ray results. The X-ray review is where the rubber meets the road. You will quickly find out if your patients truly grasp what you’ve taught them.

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Step 3: Shape Their New Story

Last week we dove right into the Story Cycle concept with Steps 1 & 2: Get Their Story & Share the Chiropractic Story (Our Story). Our over arching topic is new patient conversion and growth of your practice! After establishing your empathetic connection and learning your new patients health story – It’s time to do the most pivotal thing you as a Doc can do, which is to help make a change in their life to Shape Their New Health Story.

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In our previous post, I talked about the importance of establishing new patient connection during that consultation that is honest and empathetic, if you’d like to see them again and again and again. It is in this first step when we take a walk in their shoes, we recognize that all they want to feel welcomed and understood by their healthcare providers and coaches.

Next, I am going to take you to a whole new level of understanding this process by breaking it down into what we call the Story Cycle.

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When new chiropractic patients walk into your office, you can safely assume there is some anxiety or nerves on their end. Frankly, the world is a scary place with lots of uncertainty and cynicism, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Here is where your job comes in. It is your team’s #1 responsibility to put these folks at ease. As we’ve mentioned previously, everyone must be warm and welcoming at every turn. You want these people to think to themselves,

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