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The Remarkable Practice’s, Dr. Stephen Franson recently earned a spot in Dr. Joshua Axe 25 Top Chiropractors of 2017 after several decades of service and dedication to the profession, his patients and his fellow chiropractors.

Dr. Franson is very honored and enthused about snagging a spot on this Top Chiropractors list. Yet he kindly recognized and credited us, his team, for his success.   Read more …

Each week, I put on an Anything Goes Q and A on Facebook LIVE for our Academy members.

It is fantastic to be able to connect with all of my Docs on a regular basis – so easily – and in such a meaningful way. It has really been encouraging.

So now I need help!

There are so many chiros out there that are struggling. Or they are stuck – and they are not connected to a powerful group like our Remarkables.

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As we have discussed week after week in our retention series, I hope you would agree that the theme is that your retention is a reflection of your clarity. Clarity in what you do, why you do it and how you do it. It is also clarity that comes from you, your team and your patients as well.  Progress Exams and Reports are easily one of the most important and powerful ways to create greater clarity – and therefore patient retention – in your practice.

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I have had the pleasure to observe dozens of the world’s most successful chiropractors. Every one of them a genius in their own way. Each Chiropractor is unique in their approach to clinical care, team leadership and marketing.

It is incredible how different these practices are – it’s amazing, actually! But what really sticks out are their similarities. The consistent elements that live in each and every one of the great practices.

But one thing stands out above all things: The ability to talk chiropractic – and specifically – their ability to educate during table talk.   Read more …