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Why close your practice just because you can’t be there? The patients miss out on the care that they need. Your Team loses hours and income. The practice loses momentum – and you lose revenue. This is a Lose/Lose/Lose. There is a better way – and it is a best kept secret in chiropractic: The Coverage Doc. Also known as a Locum.

Australians love them. Canadians and Europeans use them, too. But Americans? We’ve largely missed out on this powerful success strategy. Are you going on maternity leave? Or paternity leave? Out of the practice due to injury or health issue? Going to a seminar? Or even better – headed off on vacation? These things are all expensive…Why double or triple their cost by shutting the doors of your practice.

Stay open, get patients the care that they need, keep your team and your practice churning – and get paid while you are on vacation! Having the right Locum DC in your practice will get you all of the above – and, when you find your locum through Chiro Match Makers, you’ll have the peace of mind that you want while you are having your baby, healing-up or living it up on vacation.

Listen in and learn more as Dr. Stephen interviews CMM’s Locum Expert, Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid.

Episode Highlights

00:39 – Dr. Stephen introduces today’s guest, Dr. Jeff Langmaid, who joins the show to discuss the importance of Coverage Docs, or Locums and the many reasons they are critical to your practice

10:00 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers

10:42 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Jeff continue their discussion on the value of utilizing Coverage and Locum Docs

17:48 – Dr. Stephen thanks Dr. Jeff for joining the show and where listeners can follow him

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