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Welcome to The Remarkable CEO Podcast, a show hosted by Dr. Pete Camiolo and Dr. Stephen Franson. In this episode, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen identify and analyze the four seasons of the chiropractic career – launch, build, scale, and exit. By breaking the lifecycle of a doctor’s career into four distinct seasons, they provide a holistic viewpoint of what it means to launch, build, scale, and exit a chiropractic practice.

Episode Highlights

02:01 – Introducing today’s topic, The 4 Seasons of Your Chiropractic Career

04:25 – Identifying blind spots

05:20 – Season One: Launch

09:40 – Season Two: Build

11:15 – The importance of team building

12:34 – The transformation from a having a job to building a business

13:59 – The incredible accomplishment of building a practice

18:38 – Season Three: Scale

21:47 – The value of leverage

25:12 – Questions doctors face in the scale season of their careers

26:35 – Challenges in shifting to a more entrepreneurial mindset

28:25 – The Law of Delegation

31:22 – Season Four: Exit

34:48 – Making a graceful and profitable exit

35:40 – The goal of The Remarkable CEO Program

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