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Are your team members engaged, fulfilled and productive in their work? The Quarterly Review is designed to create accountability and bring objectivity into a historically subjective and often overlooked conversation. These meetings don’t need to be led by the CEO, but you should attend these meetings. When designed and executed well, this meeting will help you stay connected with your team, keep a finger on the pulse with each individual team member and help them feel like you see them, hear them, understand them and are committed to helping them win!

Episode Highlights

00:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen introduce today’s topic, Quarterly Reviews

10:43 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote SKED

11:40 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen share some best practices for conducting quarterly reviews

23:27 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers and Genesis

25:34 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss the importance of setting time aside to connect with your team members individually at the appropriate time and place

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