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Listen in as Dr. Stephen Franson interviews Bharon Hoag – Director of the new Chiropractic Defense Council. Chiropractic has always been an easy target. Since our inception, adversaries have sought to undermine our validity as a profession and thwart the growth and proliferation of the profession. We have met resistance from the medical profession and insurance industry, as well as by state and national health boards; and sometimes, the adversity comes from within the profession itself. Attacks come at all levels – high courts, national organizations, state associations and boards – but nearly all are directed at the practicing chiropractor.

There are clear and present dangers on the immediate horizon that could fundamentally alter our ability to practice as chiropractors in a post-COVID World.

Recent examples of these attacks against the rights of chiropractors to practice within the scope of their license include: the right to adjust children in Australia or the right to use X-ray in Ireland and Canada.

There has never been a dedicated organization whose singular focus is to defend the rights of chiropractors to practice within the scope of their license – until now.

The Chiropractic Defense Council exists with the singular purpose of defending the rights of practicing chiropractors around the world. The CDC will function as a 501(c6)/501(c3) non-profit that consists of a specialized, paid team of legal experts and attorneys, supported by a team of industry experts in chiropractic research/literature, regulatory and scope, as well as representative spokespeople and a contracted PR firm.

The Chiropractic Defense Council will have a singular focus:

Protect the Rights of Practicing Chiropractors

Learn more about the Chiropractic Defense Council here:

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Episode Highlights

00:38 – Dr. Stephen introduces today’s very special guest, Bharon Hoag, who joins the show to share his background and discuss the work he’s doing with The Chiropractic Defense Council

11:06 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote SKED

12:02 – Dr. Stephen and Bharon discuss the importance of protecting the rights of chiropractors everywhere and the team they are assembling at The Chiropractic Defense Council

23:04 – The Armed Services Analogy and the opportunities COVID created for chiropractic

27:59 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers and Genesis

29:59 – Dr. Stephen and Bharon tease the upcoming Out of the Storm Summit

35:01 – Dr. Stephen thanks Bharon for joining the show and for the work he’s doing to serve chiropractic

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Learn more about the Chiropractic Defense Council here:

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