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“If you can’t see it…you can’t be it.”

The question for the CEO remains how well do you see it and do you really believe it? If you can’t see it or wrap your mind around it, how can you expect that of your team or your patients whom you lead? The question is not “if” but “where” is there a mental block? Where is it for you as a leader… Then where is it for your team? And then where is it for your patients right now?

Visions are caught, not taught. Creating a business that is scalable and durable requires great leadership and a remarkable vision that is cast and recast so that everyone sees what you see so that they can help you manifest it.

Let’s expand the Mental Capacity of your business and grow into it!

Episode Highlights

01:40– Dr. Pete introduces the topic of mental blocks and the forms that they can take including mental fatigue, blind spots and limiting beliefs

03:50 – Dr. Stephen discusses the fact that it is not a question of whether we have a mental block, but we should focus on what the mental block is

10:02 – Dr. Pete talks about the mindset of not looking where you have been but where you are going and discovering where your interference lies

15:50 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete place emphasis on the role of being a vision caster, its effect on success, and the idea that you are not working in your business but on your business

21:06 – Dr. Stephen shares his journey of moving past his mental block through a series of inflection points

29:13 – Dr. Pete discusses the importance of being part of a community or tribe as they can help you overcome blocks and challenge you on your vision for you to transform into the successful leader

35:11 – Dr. Stephen expands on the notion that vision is caught not taught, and discovering where the misalignment, the block, is with your organization

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