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The physical space of your practice dictates how your practice flows. Your practice layout determines how your team functions. Your floor plan drives how your patients move through your practice. Does the design and the layout of your practice create an experience that facilitates or limits transformation and healing? Does your floor plan promote growth and expansion? Or restrictions and limitations? Does your physical space create a vacuum from more services – or bottlenecks for more stress?

Remember, a container’s job is to limit expansion by design. Let’s audit how your physical plant space, layout and environment right now is influencing your capacity to achieve where you want to grow next.

Episode Highlights

02:07 – Dr. Pete reviews the first three capacity blocks that they encourage you to look at to complete a self-audit to determine where you are and where your business is.

04:15 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete introduce the topic of the physical capacity block and the Law of Propinquity.

09:00 – Dr. Pete shares about the space in their first practice, taking on 1000 clients per week and how that affected the flow of the physical space.

15:24 – Dr. Stephen discusses his experiences with the physical space in his practice and the constant need to make changes to the physical space to accommodate his team and patients.

19:03 – Dr. Pete moves the discussion into the layout of the space and encourages you to think outside the box.  Don’t be tied to just your immediate space when looking at the need to expand.

25:43 – Dr. Pete reminds everyone that once you find what works, you need to protect the environment that clients have come to love, even when you move office space.

27:45 – Dr. Stephen shares how that consistency of purpose is so important even when things are not perfect and to not be afraid to let your ‘Freak flag fly” as people love passionate people.

33:10 – Dr Pete extolls the three things that need to happen when a client comes to you. They are educated, they are adjusted, and they can connect.

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