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There is a 95% chance that your TEAM is holding back your growth. We have identified the four primary areas where CEOs get things wrong with their team. Personnel issues can be tough to see – and tougher to solve. This episode can help make this easier.

The right questions to ask right now are: “Where do I have a Personnel Capacity Block – and what should I do about it?”

Episode Highlights

00:53 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete discuss the purpose of the 8 Crazy Capacity Blocks as a tool to self-evaluate as we move into the new year.

05:49 – Dr. Stephen introduces the topic of the Personnel Capacity Block and a few of the common blocks seen while coaching CEOs.

10:53 – Dr. Pete encourages us to “build our bench”, the ability to have staff to pull from one position to another in order to keep the business running smoothly and effectively

12:31 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen highlight the personnel capacity block of the CEO identify shift. It is easy to fall back into the mindset of the owner/operator when transitioning to the role of the CEO.

15:19 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete discuss the importance of getting the right person into the right role and having the right framework in place to implement this.

27:38 – Dr. Pete continues the conversation by ensuring that the person has their key responsibilities, the difference between busy and productive, and utilizing the probationary period.

30:46 – Dr. Stephen introduces the scorecard system to create a level of focus with the team.

34:33 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen extoll on the importance of ongoing training in order to best support your personnel.

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