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Systems are the essence for creating predictable positive outcomes. Unless you want to stay small, everything has to be systematized. Let’s take a look at the 15 primary functions of your business and score how systematized each area is functioning. Your practice will remain heavy and hard wherever you lack systems because wherever you’re lacking systems you are slowing down your office growth and creating an Operational Capacity Block.

Listen-in as 2 systems masters discuss their experience in implementing the systems that make growth easy and awesome.

Episode Highlights

02:50 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete talk about the great work that the Chiropractic Defense Council does representing the interests and the rights of the practicing chiropractor around the world.

05:48 – Dr. Stephen discusses hitting a ceiling on a level of success and the importance of systemization of processes.

08:29 – Dr. Pete introduces the five areas that will be discussed today around the Operational Capacity Block: Marketing, Conversion Process, Retention, Team Building, and Collections.

14:55 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete introduce the accountability grid as an assessment tool that you can download and use to look at your systems.

20:02 – Dr. Stephen discusses the practicality of doing the assessment, the amount of time you are spending on them, and grading yourself to figure out where you can be improving.

26:39 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen go into the systemizing personnel onboarding, training, and inspiration building.

29:11 – Dr. Pete highlights the steps you can take if you are feeling overwhelmed by this assessment process.


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