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Good news: you don’t have to be awesome at everything, you have to build a Team that’s awesome at everything. It requires a wide variety of SKILLS to run a remarkable practice, so it’s no surprise to find capacity blocks all over the place in the “skills category”. Because of this, you want to be consistently strengthening skills around the 4-Legged Stool of the practice: Art, Science, Philosophy and Business Acumen.

This episode will help you discover where your Team’s current skills may be getting in the way of building YOUR remarkable practice.

Episode Highlights

02:50 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete talk about the great work that the Chiropractic Defense Council does representing the interests and the rights of the practicing chiropractor around the world.

05:48 – Dr. Stephen discusses hitting a ceiling on a level of success and the importance of systemization of processes.

08:29 – Dr. Pete introduces the five areas that will be discussed today around the Operational Capacity Block: Marketing, Conversion Process, Retention, Team Building, and Collections.

14:55 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete introduce the accountability grid as an assessment tool that you can download and use to look at your systems.

20:02 – Dr. Stephen discusses the practicality of doing the assessment, the amount of time you are spending on them, and grading yourself to figure out where you can be improving.

26:39 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen go into the systemizing personnel onboarding, training, and inspiration building.

29:11 – Dr. Pete highlights the steps you can take if you are feeling overwhelmed by this assessment process.


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