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Your business is simply a reflection of your ENERGY…. Your energy and your Team’s energy.

As the Remarkable CEO (Chief Energy Officer), your job is to collect and direct the limited resources of your team. If you don’t, you’re only warming surfaces and not starting fires. In this episode, we unpack the keys to optimizing your energy for expansion – and expose the usual suspects that drain your energy and derail your growth.

Episode Highlights

02:05 – Dr. Pete introduces the concept of the Energetic Block and shares what he believes to be the biggest energy force, generosity.

04:50 – Dr. Stephen reviews the past capacity blocks and breaks down the concept of the energetic block into two categories: your energy and your team’s energy.

09:04 – Dr. Pete discusses the importance of assessing your physical and emotional health on the regular basis.

14:28 – Dr. Stephen highlights the fact that your energy is the battery that other people are going to plug into and how it can impact your team.  Learn what E=MC2 really stands for and the five crucial categories of critical communication.

18:56 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen continue the conversation on evaluating your team’s energy levels and determining where an energy block may be occurring.


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