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What are the three to five big changes that you are committed to making so that you’ll go and grow from now to the next?

In part one of this series, Dr. Stephen discussed the importance of assessing your last 12 months based on your vision and goals that you have set for your success.  Now that you have done that, it is time to take the next steps of planning and preparing for the new year coming up.

Episode Highlights

04:49 – Revisit your vision. Is it clear in your mind and are you still able to communicate it to your team?  How many of them came true?

06:52 – Translate your story into objective measurables for the upcoming year. Identify the milestones that you want to reach each quarter.

07:24 – Ensure you have your metrics set on how you are going to measure each goal. If you didn’t meet last year’s goal, evaluate your loss and learn from it and establish what you need to do next year to attain it.

10:41 – Utilize your accountability chart effectively and assign goals to those whose area of responsibility it will be to monitor and measure that goal.

13:23 – Create a three-year vision for your business and break that down into annual and quarterly milestones.

15:00 – Identify the gaps that are keeping you from moving forward; money, space, personnel.

18:08 – Wherever you see underperformance, use the accountability grid each year with the accountability chart to really audit your business and audit your team.


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