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This unprecedented time in history has produced the greater measure of agility that we predicted would be required heading into 2021. Upon reflection, we have identified three important take-aways from this year that will both encourage and challenge you as we transition into 2022. In the face of greater division around the world, chiropractic has united, and we have grown in strength, wisdom and focus, and we are more fully equipped for victory in 2022.

Episode Highlights

08:16 – Dr. Stephen leads the conversation with the APPEAR Process and the importance of reviewing the past year in order to make progress in the next.

09:21 – Dr. Stephen discusses his first big take-away from that past year which starts with agility.

12:14 – Dr. Pete shares his take-away of strength and the purpose of being tested.

15:50 – Dr. Pete moves into unity, his second-biggest take-away for the year, that we are all stronger together.

17:58 – Dr. Franson discusses how unity has been so impactful this past year especially with the work of the Chiropractic Defence Council.

22:32 – Dr. Pete moves into his third take-away which is wisdom and the difference between knowledge and understanding.

28:03 – Dr. Stephen delves into determining where your focus has been for the past year and where you should be investing your mindshare for 2022.


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