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Welcome to The Remarkable CEO Podcast, a show hosted by Dr. Pete Camiolo and Dr. Stephen Franson. In this episode, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen continue their discussion on the importance of training. Specifically, they delve deep into their own personal experiences with training tools. Dr. Pete stresses the importance of having a training curriculum and a competency checklist to ensure the most effective training. Finally, Dr. Stephen provides a final observation he has noticed about business owners and how they spend their time, energy, and money.

Episode Highlights

00:42 – Introducing today’s topic, Training, Part 2

01:28 – Dr. Pete encourages the audience to revisit the previous episode on Training

02:28 – Why the best investment you can make is training your team

03:09 – Dr. Stephen’s experience with training tools

06:27 – Equipping people with a proper training curriculum

09:39 – Dr. Pete recalls his experience with training tools

11:09 – The importance of having a curriculum

12:07 – Why CEOs need to approach training curriculums proactively

14:14 – The Competency Checklist

16:35 – The football analogy

18:19 – Dr. Stephen leaves the audience with a final observation

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