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Welcome to 2022, it’s time to elevate your expectations! In the spirit of creating a theme for the year, in this episode, we are excited to release the theme for 2022. While 2020 was the year of the Pivot and 2021 was the year for agility, 2022 is the year of Resilience. We want to recognize you for being resilient leaders and invite you to embrace the resilience that will be required in 2022. It’s important now that you appreciate what you have been through because you are stronger and more productive as a team and business and positioned perfectly to make 2022 your most remarkable year yet!

Episode Highlights

0:53 – Dr. Stephen introduces the topic of setting the theme so that you can define the actions for the new year. 

5:25 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss how that theme came to be and describe the definition and how it relates to what we are currently going through with the chiropractic field. 

11:06 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen recognize the resilience that has already been displayed by the leaders, CEOs, and teams and how the past couple of years has already made them seasoned professionals when it comes to resiliency. 

20:14 – Dr. Stephen shares how resiliency encompasses the leaders and even though covid has changed how we do business; it does not change the message we had before. 

22:04 – Dr. Pete discusses the importance of resilience in your practice for attraction and retention.


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