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A Remarkable Interview with Dr. Erik Kowalke and Dr. Stephen Franson. 

Listen in on a conversation between two of Chiropractic’s best business minds (Dr. Erik Kowalke and Dr. Stephen Franson) as they share insights, secrets, and lessons learned while building 6 multi-million-dollar businesses between them. 

This episode will save you time, money (and pain) building yours.

Episode Highlights

02:40 – Dr. Erik shares his story of switching careers as an engineer to that of becoming a chiropractor and how SKED was formed to take his practice to the next level. 

07:37 – Dr. Erik and Dr. Stephen discuss the top three main problems that SKED provides, starting with convenience for your patients.

09:23 – Listen as they move the conversation on to solving the communication problem, especially through the evolution of communication as technologies change.

12:34 – Dr. Erik introduces the third main problem which is changing processes to increase conversion of new patients.

17:04 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Erik discuss the impact that vision, and lack of, has had on their businesses. 

22:43 – Discover what it takes to become an effective and sustainable CEO leader. The Doctors share their lessons learned. 

30:08 – Dr. Erik and Dr. Stephen dive into how critically important systems are in supporting and in many ways, shaping your vision.

35:07 – Your team shapes your business and if you are not building the right team, you are not building your business. Listen as Dr. Stephen and Dr. Erik discuss building the success of your team. 

40:37 – Dr. Erik shares his experience of training his team and the effectiveness of bringing in somebody to do the training even when you know it. 

43:09 – The CEO’s job is to collect and direct energy to the team. Dr. Stephen and Dr. Erik discuss taking the “energy” temperature of the team and of the patients.


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