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Welcome to The Remarkable CEO Podcast, a show hosted by Dr. Pete Camiolo and Dr. Stephen Franson. In this episode, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen continue their analysis of the business Rubik’s Cube by focusing their attention on energy. Energy is infectious and the type of energy you bring to your practice is a key factor in your success. Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen emphasize the importance of focus and break down how to keep your team focused on what’s important now and what’s important in the future. Finally, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen provide tools that enable teams to remain focused on quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

Episode Highlights

00:49 – Introducing today’s topic, Energy, Part 1

01:53 – The two parts of energy

02:20 – Revisiting the organizational chart

04:03 – The CEO Scorecard

05:14 – The importance of focus

06:52 – Dr. Pete encourages the audience to go back and listen to Episodes 10 and 11 which focus on the Scorecard

07:18 – The Marketing Calendar

08:05 – The Body Signals Program

12:29 – Dr. Pete breaks down the Scoreboard Tool

14:34 – Four specific KPIs of your practice

17:23 – The Huddle Sheet

20:56 – The three components of the Huddle

22:35 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen leave the audience with a special offer

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