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Welcome to The Remarkable CEO Podcast, a show hosted by Dr. Pete Camiolo and Dr. Stephen Franson. In this episode, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen continue their discussion on planning and preparation. They share insights as to why preparation and organization are vital to the success of any practice. Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss time management, the identity shift, and the importance of measuring your outcomes. Finally, Dr. Stephen touches on his own twenty-year ritual for planning and preparation, which includes a CEO journal that he keeps and a calendar he adheres to strictly.

Episode Highlights

01:19 – Introducing today’s topic, Preparation

01:24 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen announce a special giveaway

02:27 – Dr. Stephen encourages the audience to reach out with feedback

03:13 – Why preparation is vital

05:05 – The power of the schedule

07:22 – Mastering time management to prioritize what’s important now and what’s important next

08:56 – The Identity Shift

10:24 – The objectives of a CEO

15:37 – Leveraging the assessing process to contribute to your planning and preparation process

17:07 – What are you measuring

18:42 – The importance of organization

19:53 – Mastering transitions

21:38 – Dr. Stephen provides tips and tools for planning and preparation

25:14 – Dr. Pete reminds listeners where they can access the CEO 90-day project planner tool

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Resources Mentioned

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The Remarkable CEO Website

90 Day Planner