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Welcome to The Remarkable CEO Podcast, a show hosted by Dr. Pete Camiolo and Dr. Stephen Franson. In this episode, Dr. Stephen talks all about his book, The Remarkable Practice. Along with Dr. Pete, Dr. Stephen provides an inside look at the process of writing this book. Dr. Stephen discusses the biggest challenges he overcame and lessons he learned throughout this journey. He opens up about what inspired him to transfer his knowledge of chiropractic and business into a tangible book to share with the community. Finally, Dr. Stephen speaks to the value that this book provides and the best way to consume The Remarkable Practice.

Episode Highlights

01:08 – Introducing today’s topic, Writing The Remarkable Practice

01:13 – Why Dr. Stephen decided to write The Remarkable Practice

03:38 – The process of writing this book

05:13 – Hiring the company Scribe and working with Tucker Max

07:38 – How Dr. Stephen initially started writing his book

08:41 – The importance of discovering your passion

09:29 – The biggest challenge Dr. Stephen faced in this endeavor

11:35 – Lessons Dr. Stephen learned from writing this book

13:37 – The best way to consume this book

14:48 – The value that The Remarkable Practice provides

15:59 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete invite the audience to join their private Facebook group

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Resources Mentioned

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Dr. Stephen’s Book – The Remarkable Practice: The Definitive Guide to Build a Thriving Chiropractic Business