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How are you preparing for the New Year ahead? Are you anticipating the needs of your practice and setting goals with the four domains of your practice in mind? Goal setting makes all the difference in everything from attraction and conversion to retaining patients and collecting payment. In this episode, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen continue their discussion on the importance of goal setting. They analyze ways to manage big hairy audacious goals as well as happily achievable goals. Finally, they discuss the value of creating a codifying statement that drives the goals of your practice throughout the upcoming year.

Episode Highlights

01:11 – Introducing today’s topic: Reviewing Goals from 2019: Goal Setting, Part 2

03:34 – Creating clarity and defining success

05:26 – Dr. Stephen reiterates the importance of having a vision story and

09:37 – Big hairy audacious goals and next happily achievable goals

15:31 – Identifying your codifying statement

18:46 – Dr. Stephen and Dr. Pete break down KPIs and benchmarks for 2020

21:58 – Setting goals while keeping the four domains of your practice in mind: Attraction

28:21 – Goals to set for conversion

32:12 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen remind the audience of a special goal-setting tool that is available to all listeners of The Remarkable CEO

32:51 – Goals to set for retention and collection

39:44 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen leave the audience with key takeaways from this episode

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