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How far out do you need to prepare your annual marketing plan? Are you following best practices for reverse engineering your meetings from annual to quarterly to weekly to daily? In this episode, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen break down the marketing calendar by first talking about the rhythms of your meetings. They take a deep dive into how vision story, goals, accountability charts and marketing plans interact with and effect one another. Finally, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss the importance of having daily huddles and share some key takeaways from today’s episode.

Episode Highlights

00:46 – Introducing today’s topic: the Marketing Calendar

02:33 – Dr. Pete’s best practices for his approach to marketing

06:41 – Dr. Stephen highlights the importance of staying twelve months ahead

10:11 – Dr. Pete talks about the rhythms of your meetings

15:40 – Reverse engineering your meetings from annual to daily

19:08 – Dr. Stephen recaps the vision story, goals, accountability chart, and the marketing plan

19:47 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen leave the audience with key takeaways from this episode

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