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What does it truly take to take a chiropractic practice from launch to scale? How do leadership, hiring the right people, and training fit into the mold of a great practice? Dr. Mark Mouw joins Dr. Pete on today’s episode to share his experience transitioning from owner-operator to CEO. He reflects on the importance of having a vision in place with systems in order to achieve the mission statement. Finally, Dr. Mark speaks to the value he places on the team of doctors he has assembled within his practice and how their leadership has led to sustained success.

Episode Highlights

00:44 – Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Mark Mouw

05:19 – Dr. Mark’s journey from launching to scaling his business

10:27 – The importance of having systems, the right people, and training

15:27 – Why training is key

17:31 – Mark speaks to the transformation from owner-operator to CEO

23:31 – The importance of leadership

26:53 – Dr. Pete thanks Dr. Mark for joining the show and for everything he is doing to advance the field of chiropractic

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