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How do successful CEOs approach the New Year? Does the transition from owner-operator to CEO affect how you devise, implement, and follow through on your annual goals? As the New Year kicks off and picks up some steam, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen are here to guide you with the four ways CEOs approach the year ahead. They talk about the importance of having focus and clarity about your future goals and encourage the practice of setting goals that scare you. Finally, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss planning, preparing, assessing, and reassessing to ensure your goals are on target in 2020.

Episode Highlights

00:44 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss the importance of having vision in 2020

03:22 – Dr. Pete poses a question to reflect upon pertaining to focus and clarity

07:45 – Introducing today’s topic, Four Ways CEOs Approach a New Year

10:15 – Assessing and reassessing as a CEO

18:18 – The importance of planning and preparation

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