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How do successful CEOs approach their day-to-day lives? How do they prepare to tackle the arduous task of running a practice in order to win the day? How do they stay present in the moment while simultaneously maintaining their focus on the larger goal? Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take this opportunity to break down the importance of valuing progression over perfection, mastering yourself, and integrating the proper mindset. Ultimately, it’s your mindset that sets your physiology. It’s your physiology which drives your performance. And it’s your performance that drives your outcomes.

Episode Highlights

01:33 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss the importance of being present

06:10 – Dr. Pete talks about a recent transformation he has integrated into his daily routine

13:37 – Progression, not perfection

16:10 – The power of being

18:11 – The spiritual transformation of becoming a CEO

19:15 – Dr. Stephen provides key takeaways from today’s episode

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