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How do successful practices convert referred patients and other leads into loyal and recurring patients? What are the key factors that influence an organization’s conversion rate and what metrics are most important when it comes to measuring outcomes? Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen continue their series on ‘You Don’t Get What You Want, You Get What You Measure,’ by focusing on the second of four key business domains, Conversion. They analyze the 20/60/20 Rule and define what conversion means using their own practices as context. Finally, they speak to the importance of tracking total conversions and conversion percentage in order to determine the relative health of your business or practice.

Episode Highlights

00:45 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen recap the topics they’ve covered in this series, read listener reviews and provide a great troubleshooting tool

05:46 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen encourage listeners to attend their upcoming events

08:51 – Introducing today’s topic, Conversion

14:47 – The importance of taking responsibility for our conversion outcomes

17:55 – The 20/60/20 Rule

19:54 – Defining what initial conversion means

24:48 – The importance of tracking total conversions and conversion percentage

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