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How do you maintain a steady flow of active patients? How do you define active and inactive patients? What bar are you setting for your patients for them to fully take ownership of their own care? Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen continue their series of discussions on the four domains of your practice by delving into retention. They discuss the importance of having integrity and setting standards for their patients. They identify key retention metrics that can yield greater success for your practice, such as patient visit average, net momentum, and stick rate. Ultimately, the best chiropractic work is done over time, when patients are serious and consistent about their care and actively take on the recommendations of their doctors.

Episode Highlights

00:37 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen introduce today’s topic, Retention

06:32 – Defining metrics such as PVA, or patient visit average

11:19 – The definition of an ‘active patient’

15:15 – The importance of tracking and measuring compliance as a key performance indictor

18:50 – Establishing a bar of compliance for patients

20:57 – Other retention statistics to keep in mind

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