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How can we respond to a global crisis with optimism, courage and a view towards the future? Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen address the global pandemic that has recently consumed all of our lives and has begun to wreak economic chaos on everything from small business to major corporations. They dissect ten things you should be doing right now as a CEO to combat these circumstances and reveal best practices you can follow to ensure you’re taking the right approach for you, your family and your team.

Episode Highlights

00:37 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen speak to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and how to approach times of uncertainty as a CEO or small business owner

03:59 – Ten Things You Should Be Doing Right Now as a CEO

07:52 – One: Identify what is most important right now

11:42 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a break to provide an update on The Remarkable Practice Attraction Immersion this April 2020

14:14 – Stabilize, Reactivate, Mobilize

16:57 – Two: Meet with your team and get everybody on the same page

18:16 – Three: Stabilize your base of patients

22:23 – Four: Dealing with the people who are skipping, missing or not showing up for their care

25:29 – Five: Creating content every day

27:37 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a break to promote Chiro Match Makers

30:10 – Six: Distributing content

33:04 – Seven: Add value and engage on your social media platforms

35:47 – Eight: Doing virtual consultations

38:19 – Nine: Creating and promoting advanced workshops and webinars

43:22 – Ten: Train your team on objection management

45:56 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen provide some wisdom and guidance from lessons they’ve learned from facing crises throughout their careers

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